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  1. Thanks, so far it seems a good choice signing up even for a few chats :). most seem really nice so far and it makes a difference to my old friends always 'borrowing' money!
  2. Agreed! I watch the live videos most. Haha I can't remember him farting I'm gona have to look that up now
  3. That's not old lol don't be sorry I'm glad you popped up. Makes a difference, so thanks everyone so far!
  4. I'm the same, I had a good social life, with wrong people but still a good one at the time to nothing.. 21 and so lonely and isolated from the world
  5. Me too! I love Amy lee . Can't forget Rayman though lol
  6. cool! I listen to dance music mostly, niche style stuff :) Also LOVE evenescance and similar bands/songs. cant beat rabbids lol.
  7. Couldnt live without music, i game too. Also like to keep fit! wbu?
  8. tell me bout it -.- u aint alone there! You said your language isnt english what is it if u dont mind telling : ) ?
  9. thank you, means alot. im always needing to chat lol! isolatated too much!
  10. That sucks can't say I've had too many crazy neighbours luckily. Just the usual , reason why I come on here.
  11. True. All towns are full of bellends, I don't drive so I didn't do that and nope never heard of that or runrigs sorry .some great beautiful sight and landscapes that's all I really like though
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