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  1. Hi Isaiah, I take this and also have regular heart palpitations. I'm on so many meds that my tummy hates me and is always upset. I assumed my fogginess and lack of ability to focus, to be due to my Fibromyalgia but it might be from this medicine. Mirtazapine, however, has helped me to stop getting distressed at night and helping me to sleep.
  2. Thanks Azzura18. Things came to a head yesterday and finally slept from 1am to 2pm. Then saw a psychologist whom I waffled to. I've just slept from 6pm to 11pm. Seems to do with me not being able to get my basic needs met whilst seeing every person as a threat so I'm constantly in fight or flight mode.
  3. Hi. Not sure if posting in right section as I'm new. I'm so tense that cant relax muscles... body so hurting. Cant face explaining, sorry. 😅 Insomnia too. Can't use my meditation. I've moved backwards when thought was doing well. Ty for listening
  4. Hello, I'm new and apprehensive as find it difficult to discuss my depression. Once I do though, it floods out. Ty to a friend who helped me register. Love the little moving emotes 🐬
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