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  1. LOL...Great job guys! At least not serious thread. I like it!
  2. I'm so sorry for experiencing this, how do handle your depression? What kind of therapy you undergo?
  3. Do we have a cyber Law? I think the only thing you do is to block his FB or you will take a break in FB. As you know, sooo much negativity there.
  4. I had a great job that I finished today. It's a accomplishment and go home for a successful day and cooked diner for the family.
  5. In my mind right is how to budget my salary, I really need to have saving every payday.
  6. I have given up m,y personal need just to provide the needs of my sibling in school. I am happy for that.
  7. Social Anxiety is a hard situation to handle and you feel that you are left behind and the result is you have self-pity and self-esteem.
  8. There is anger and hatred inside me. What I'm doing is just pray no matter how hard it is.
  9. I am just curious if you consulted already the doctor? It's a good idea if you do and if that medicine does affect your BF's sexual drive.
  10. really sad situation..You need a fresh start and join some organizations.
  11. This is a great book to read, I must order this in amazon.
  12. Hi! Are still studying or working?Here's my advise or you. Try to join an organization like religious org, that is a good way to have a new friends.
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