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  1. Happy New Year Debbers!!! Hope you are doing well :) thank you for all the contributions you made here on the forums! miss your advice. *hug* 

  2. I really don't like it when people treat me differently based on what they presume my race and biases to be. I'm a multiply mixed race person who appears Caucasian. I work with the pubic and have heard it all from presumptuous people.
  3. To whom it may concern,  Ihave had my internet disrupted for a couple weeks and will be with a new carrier in another week,  meanwhile, if my posts are riddled with repeated aragraphs and or sentences, it's because I dropped my phone and it is now randomly copy and pasting, doubling things I'm trying to write.  Please bear with me!!!

    1. JD4010


      Wow. Good luck!

  4. I know how crushed you both are, yet I do think that the honesty you now share will make things better eventually. I know it doesn't seem like it now because you are suffering so much. I really like that you're feeling so much love and compassion for her. You genuinely seem like a wonderful soul. With a little time this may well turn into a strong relationship based in total trust and honesty. You deserve to be able to open up about your mental health issues so she can be there for you and she needs to know how dear she is to you and it sounds like that's exactly what you're doing. I truly understand your panic, and I want you to know that I am in no way minimizing the pain and stress you both are feeling at the moment. I am older and have lived through a lot and I've seen some pretty miraculous things happen and I'm betting this scenario will work out.
  5. I am reminded of so many choices I have made in my life as I read your precious post. Precious, you may ask? Yes. There are, in my belief many great things at task because you said yes. There is most likely a greater reason at task than you now know. I hope you will take a moment to realize that you are not stupid and the person you have chosen to say yes to is awesome in ways you have yet to explore. Perhaps the way you frame yourself needs to change. Perhaps you may have not made a mistake but a fortunate life choice for good reason. I emplore you to find the goodness in what lies before you and pray that you will be able to see that things are bright because you made them so. I am totally here for you. Your anxiety may be feeding you a line of bull about your ability to make awesome choices.
  6. Rynan_Martin, Thanks for joining us. It's a brave few who do. A lot of people just watch from the side. If you continue to post, more and more of us will be able to talk to you and get to know you. It sounds like you've been on a hell of a ride and I'm sorry you're suffering. By the same token, I'm glad you were smart enough to come here. It sounds like you're wavering on the decision to end things with your ex?
  7. Ah, yes a most desirable meal especially after eating well for the week. :)
  8. Sounds like a business expense to me!!!!
  9. I know, right!!?? Yep, jackass drivers are the worst!
  10. Here's a list: Having to do grown-up stuff on my only day off. Seeing people litter. Working with customers with entitlement issues. Talking on the phone bugs me. Long convos are a complete waste of time to me. Neighbors I don't know obliging themselves to walk into my house during remodeling. Gossip
  11. I like that you're motivated. It takes backbone to see things this way! I think you're going to be a success at whatever you choose to study too!
  12. My Dearest, Cmariee, You've chosen this site for a reason. You are suffering. It is so hard to let you know through mere words that I, and I suppose we, here on the site really understand the suffering you're going through, but it is real to me and to those I know here who will read your post. I will tell you that sharing as you have here, is something I did at a very low point. The outcome has been very cool. Knowing that the people we speak with here, get it, and truly understand what it feels like to have all the crazy guilt for things beyond our control is so consoling. I'm so glad you came to the site. If you post a lot, we'll all get to know you better. Posting is like journaling too, it is a way to see what's in YOUR way. I hope you will find it in your heart to let yourself off the hook for your son's depressive experience. It may well be transitory. It's good that you're keeping an eye on it, but it's really not about laying blame. You are worth loving. You are cooler than you think. Let's see what we can all do together here in this site to help you and the rest of us get better!!!! With LOVE, Deb PS You're worth it!
  13. I think life is about adaptability. After having high anxiety for many years, I really just want to absorb into what's in front of me. It seems I stay out of trouble when I'm vested into what interests me.
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