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  1. You are right. There's no going back. Things won't go back to the way they were. I may be able to sleep now and once a while, there's a thought going on in my head about him and his partner. But okay, put aside the negativity. First, Thank you for your advise. You don't know how much this is meant for me and I'm grateful for that. And glad that there's someone telling me that this is OK. I need to have that confidence that this is OK and everything will be fine. Although, previously I'm truly scared that this might drive me crazy. Thank you again. Dear, I saw your post whereas you've said that you didn't do any online research on your CO. Does this mean that you managed not to look on him online At All? May I know roughly how long you manage to do that? Did you still hearing/listening to your CO album/movies? I still do. I watched his movie everyday or else, I can't survive. I need that part of him in my life. But I can't watch his photo that I previously saved. Even without She-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.(Haha) Only his character in the movies. Because on the latest posts, many are discussing their tendencies on doing online research. You've seem to be having quite some time in dealing with this issue and have more experience. @HeatherG thank you dear.
  2. @SeSa @posie_riot It would be nearly impossible to ever talk about this with our friends. Or even closest friends. They wouldn't understand if they never experience it. Maybe if they heard this from me, they would secretly thinks that I'm mentally disturbed. In my country, psychological talks almost didn't exist. I didn't know who to reach out for. Scared and uneasy, it was a feeling that slowly destroying me from within although on other's people eyes, I looks just fine. I'm happy now that I can share this and heard from you all perspective. It helps me to understand people more. @Audrey822 Same as you, I also remembered well the first day I saw my CO with his new girlfriend. I loved him since 2016 and soon after, he got break up. I was "happily married" with him during those period. He was so active on Instagram and he got many things going on. So, everyday, looking into my Twitter fan club News that I've followed of him is like... A heaven. That was the first and last thing I did everyday, looking into his photos and news. Just like a quote from movie. "You are the first and last thing I wanna see everyday". But, he's not love me back. That reality hurts. Sometimes, he shared funny videos on his IG and I was like, what not to like about this guy? Reality kicks in again when he first going public with his new girlfriend. It was on Wimbledon's final match. On the same day, I was just discharged from hospital due to my health issue. So, you can imagine the last thing I ever want on that day is knowing about this. It was night on my country. I'm just about to sleep. It was my habit to check on him first before going to bed, due to my fantasy. And.... seeing those pictures.... BOOM. I was shook. I'm like a spooked chicken (Not sure this vocab and grammar correct or not). The result from that night, I have trouble sleeping for 2 weeks after. I will wake up at night randomly, feeling lost. I was scared of my own pillow and it was devastating as hell. I have no one to talk to. At work, I barely concentrate. Psychological website says, "You have to forget your CO". Yeah right..... I've tried another hobby. Oh wait, then I realize I don't have another hobby besides watching movies. I tried reading books but I hate it! I've tried, oh well, lets see if I can fantasize on him again, just take it easssy... But, his partner's face popped up in my dreams. I said Go away but she continuously bothers me. And I talk to myself, "I just need a little bit of happiness. Can you not give me that?" So, those crazy period is over for now. Now, I'm perfectly able to sleep and no longer scared of my own dreams. But my CO will have to settle down soon. I'm not sure how I'm going to accept it if he got married. I'm not ready for it. Turns out I have hormonal imbalance that's affecting my sleeping routine. @imalittleteapot Same as me. I always feel connected with the characters he played. So far, I like them all. He played a British Duke once, a soldier, Greek warrior, even a spy. And mostly my fantasy are developed from there.
  3. @imalittleteapot @Audrey822 @Helpme26 before I found this forum, loving and admiring celebrities have been part of my life since I was 10 or 11. I've been fond of different celebrities through different stages of my life. The interest that started from collecting pictures, buying album and DVD getting deeper and deeper. My latest CO has been the strongest of them all. In this recent years, my life has been the toughest and I need my CO more than ever. It's like taking a refugee from whatever war going on in my real life. I thought I've taken my fantasy to a very extreme level and it hurts me to see him with his new partner. I was broke in tears. I feel like betrayed. Since then, I googled to find out more about this and 9 out of 10 psychological website said that this is unhealthy. I was scared. Because I thought I was alone. I have fantasies, I wrote a story, I have pictures of him. No matter how hard I'm trying or even how hurt I was, I can't forget about my CO. It's like battling for drugs. It's not good but I want it. It's even affected my mood, my work.... Only after I found this forum and reading and listening from all of your experience, I feel so much better...... I'm not alone now.... For now, I've made my CO as a "sweet escape" from real life. I hope more and more will come aboard after the title has been changed. Their voices need to be heard.
  4. Me had about the same fantasies but my CO always been the main actor. In my fantasy, my alter ego and my CO will fall in love. Usually, she is the Greek princess and my CO came from lower class family but he is a warrior. Hahahaa:)
  5. Hello all, What are your wildest fantasy about your CO? In my fantasy world, I dreamed that me and my CO are married, have kids and we're both celebrities. And... we're very rich! Sort like Brangelina. Hope you guys have a goo day.
  6. WOah you're so lucky!! I couldn't do that, because the chances of him replying me are very very very low. I knew there is one of his fan from Singapore willing to travel to UK to one of his event. It's a running charity event and she able to meet him. I can't do the same as it's very expensive...
  7. We all loves superhero. Especially, when he's from UK. Mine is from DC world. Now I'm wishing my CO was gay too. But unfortunately, he's nottttt.
  8. Dear, Thanks for entertain me on the messages! I have no perfect words for you, but I do believe, all good things will happen to good people. Maybe, it's not the time yet. I wish you nothing but all the happiness in the world. xx
  9. Hi Hi, I think I know who is the Marvel guy you meant. Hahaha yes, he has a great quality as an actor and I loved watching him too! Very funny, talented. But I can't figure out who your CO is. My situation a little bit different as I do not feel envy for my CO's colleagues. I'm totally fine with who he kissed on screen (cause he kissed a lot of woman onscreen before. Hahaha!). It's his Real life partners that I can't stand. I feel like I wanted to shout at that woman, Get off!! He's mine!! hahahaha. My CO is not Marvel guy but you're close enough. He's one of the main superhero of DC universe. Can you take a wild guess on who he is? :) Have you started to block all the celebrity news? Cause you said you just read an article about this actress... It means you haven't. You're still googling. Haha. I'm still trying to do the same. Oh it's really hard. I kinda miss him. xx
  10. I've dealt with this every day. I hope yours getting better.
  11. I've had this CO for 2 years now. He's a very famous and handsome actor and his news are everywhere. Sigh..... And I don't think there's a man in this world more handsome than him. Hahahaah. And mine is from UK too. UK guys are awesomeee
  12. Hi @advice_seeker Good day. I hope you're doing well. Maybe you can slow down a little doing online search. Maybe you make a goal to do online search let's say half an hour a month? And by doing this, you will be able to enjoy her works without worrying about her personal life. xx
  13. Hi. I hope you are well there. I'm female, will turn 26 yrs old this year. Our situation are almost the same. I always think myself as a loser. Why? Many reasons. Career wise, I'm just a clerk with low salary. I had no degree cause I'm dropped from college when I was 19. I don't have any boyfriend and never had my whole life actually. I have friends but.... if compared myself to them, I am no one. Most of them are well educated, have boyfriend, getting married, have car. Trust me, at this age, I don't even have driving license yet. It's too expensive and so many things hold me back in the past. To add into burden, my dad and I are having health problems since last year and it is non ending. Although we're not diagnosed with chronic disease, but still, it's very disturbing. We don't have money to go for private hospital, so we went to government hospital and trust me, our government hospital treatment is so..... ###$&&. So, since we're facing the same issue, I want to tell you that first, you need to have the way of thinking that, there are a lot of other people in the world face a lot worse situation than ours. Second, you have to love yourself dear. You need to appreciate yourself. Third, I also don't have any passion. I don't know what I want to do in my life, same as you. But you know, I think I understand why I felt that way. I need to earn money first, only then I can pursue with what I want... I guess I just don't find it yet. That's why I'm doing clerking job as it's the only that can suit me for now. Who knows when I got savings later, time will guide me. It's 2018 and we can end this sadness. But step by step. Baby steps. Don't rush into things. Good luck for you.
  14. Thanks for your comforting words and advise. I truly appreciate it. Well, not everyone we can share this thing though. It's true what you said, I totally agreed. Limiting our online search about our CO definitely helps. But not that simple. I usually will fall back to that habit again and again. And repeatedly hurting myself when I saw my CO pictures with his partner. Previously, I had another CO but not that strong as this one.
  15. Hi SeSa, Are you still having the fantasy about that celebrity? Is it okay to continuously fantasizing? I'm too scared. Sometimes my CO real partner sneaking into my fantasy and this feeling so hard to handle. Thanks for your revert
  16. Hi Leigh


    I saw your post. It's amazing on how you find the solutions towards the problem.

    Can you share how ?

  17. Hi, do you still have any obsession towards celebrities? How do you overcome with the problem?
  18. Hi all. I'm a 25 year old woman, single. From last year March, I had a huge obsession towards this one actor. Since then, I've been collecting photos, researching all about his details, tried the best I can to buy all of his movies either on dvds or even subscribing to Netflix just because of him. The moment I open my eyes, I will go through social media to look for his latest pictures. I admires him so much. As he's nice, doing a lot of charities and very very handsome. Even named as one of the World's Sexiest Actor. He keeps changing girlfriend. Just recently, he had a new girlfriend and it's affected me emotionally. I became jealous, disappointed and hurt. I even trying to do research on his girlfriend. To know about their details. I had tons of his pictures in my phone, videos, all of his movies. And I fantasizing about him. Fantasizing that I will be his wife and be with him forever. I try to analyze what may cause this. One of the reason I figured out is because I'm lonely. I've never been in a real relationships. I have few closed friends but we rarely hanging out. I seldom going out and about during weekends cause I don't have transports like car or motorbike. It's hard to go anywhere. My hobbies are listening to music and watch movies. I guess, if I can always have my time filled with something, I won't think about anything else. But again, I'm just super lonely. I usually got no one to talk to. I've realized today that this totally unhealthy for me. Cause if it's make you sad, then it's not. I wanted to get rid of these obsessions and I hoped someone will give me some advice. I want to love this actor and only AS AN ACTOR. Want to keep watching his movies but for the reasons of loving his acting only. Please help me, guys.
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