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  1. No motivation

    @gr00ven@Nisemono Thankyou for your responses. Sorry for the late reply. The motivation is improving a little, have been going out for walks which is good. I need to do more but know it will take time and patience
  2. Desperate

    @Nisemono I think the motivation is improving slowly. I'm going out for walks which is a start so i guess i just need to build up from there and be patient. I told my GP and he said to book an appointment for next week for a follow up.
  3. Confused

    @Debbers@Epictetus @littlestarsmum Thanks for all your kind and thoughtful responses. It helps just to know there are people like you out there that care enough to respond and im sorry if im a bit late in replying
  4. Desperate

    @Nisemono I know i need to set small goals and gradually build up from there it just feels like it will take forever and since ive been feeling like this for so long i just want to change my situation asap but i know it doesnt work like that and i have to be patient with myself I think im afraid of failure. I'm afraid of being judged and what people think of me.
  5. Desperate

    Why cant i get myself motivated? I miss doing things i used to enjoy like cooking, there's so many things im putting off, i cant sleep and not eating properly. What do i do?
  6. Lost

    I feel the same. Im trying to reach out but nobody cares. They are just interested in their own lives
  7. Need advice

    Hi all im really struggling to find the motivation to do things at the moment when all i want to do is stay in bed all day. I've been like this for way too long and i need to get myself out of it. Its not just not leaving the house, im still not doing things around the house that i should be even things i used to enjoy. I dont want to increase my medication so if anyone has any other advice i would appreciate it.
  8. Insomina and diet

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a link between diet and insomnia? Does undereating cause insomnia? Or lack of the right kind of vitamins/minerals? Am curious to know
  9. Somethings holding me back

    I've become a bit of an expert at distraction. The therapy is helping, i am learning about why i behave the way i do.
  10. Somethings holding me back

    @Teddy545 Sorry i guess i meant if i start to feel sad or down, there is usually a trigger for it but sometimes it may just be the way im feeling at the beginning of the day. I'm not sure, i do still have goals but they are short term ones, i am very indecisive and a little unsure of what i want to do with my life although i have a few ideas.
  11. Does anyone else have this problem. I've been in a major depression for just over a year and have been doing little things to try to help such as joining this forum, trying new medication and starting counseiling, but i still feel like something is holding me back. I still cant do things that i used to do, im putting things off and spending most of my time on the pc. I also suffer from apathy and numbness, i dont let myself feel any emotions so if i do start to feel majorly depressed i will do something to numb those feelings. I'm just confused as to whether i need to let myself be depressed so that i can know what it actually feels like and then i can start making real progress or if i should keep making small steps even though i dont really want to do any of it. Any tips or advice is appreciated x
  12. Confused

    I dont know if this is regarded as severe depression. I've had depression most of my life, the main symptoms being feeling numb and emotionless because i try to distract myself when i feel down. Recently my depression has become worse, ive been spending all my time in my room, not going out or doing much apart from reading or watching things online. I have suicidal thoughts almost constantly. I dont eat all day and sometimes when im feeling down i binge eat. I avoid talking to and seeing people. I feel like im just waiting for this depression to lift so i can function normally again. I dont understand how i feel, im struggling to reach out for support as i feel i should 'be strong enough to pull myself out of it'. I think i may need to see a psychiatrist, but i dont feel like i can wait the time it takes to get an appointment.
  13. Insomnia

    Thanks for your reply. I went to my doctor today and she prescribed me a different antidepressant, mirtazapine, which is supposed to be helpful for sleep so i will see if that helps at all. I am also interested in natural remedies, i have been reading alot about magnesium and other nutrients. I am quite curious if diet has any affect at all. I know exercise is supposed to help as long as you do it earlier in the day. I'm sorry to hear that you only got 3 hours sleep tonight, i sometimes find it is a gamble on whether or not i can sleep more than 5-6 hours and didnt sleep at all last night but i guess you get used to it after a while.I'm finding that i am actually telling myself its ok if i cant sleep at all and if i do its a blessing. It helps me to stay calm i guess. @Tim 52 Thanks for the tip about music, i will try that, i guess it could be helpful to listen to something relaxing.
  14. Insomnia

    Does anyone find themselves trying to fight against bad habits when they cant sleep? What do you do to pass the time?
  15. No motivation

    I've made a few posts recently, still feel like im stuck in a slump and feeling really ashamed and miserable. I havent been sleeping well for weeks/months, i feel like this contributes a lot to how i am feeling. I spend most of the day in my room, isolating myself and somedays not even getting up to have a shower or get dressed. I literally am such a mess right now, i just need to pull myself out of this. I feel so needy right now writing this, its not a familiar feeling to me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou