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  1. Last day on my job today. Instead of being happy, I'm feeling pretty weird. I have this feeling on getting more isolated than I was, fear. Although the fact is that I've been working remotely, and now it's just the same, still having few human contact, not a lot of changes actually, but still I have this fear feeling. I don't know... I guess is one of those days. Also, I'm going through some health issues, and doctors finds no causes, they just tell me "it will go away". Not so easy for me to take things that way, I worry sometimes, today is one of those days. Jeez, this feelings... are heavy to carry with. I don't get how life goes easy for some people, I don't get how people can... put make up on their faces and go smiling on the street. What is this life about? I enjoy doing several things, studying is one of those, but what about when you look up over your shoulders? Jeez, it's gray. How much effort does it take to cope with depression? Why one have to put so much effort? Why can't things be easier for us? I wish I can have someone relatable to me, regarding my feelings, and that we can talk about that, and feel good between each other. Is hard sometimes to keep being strong.
  2. Ya, got the feeling, I used to do that too. I walk alone and cry sometimes, jeez feels so sad but is real you know, it feels real, for what you're going through is real, love yourself with all your heart and accept yourself.
  3. Hey guys, just broke with my partner tonight, this time definitely. Just going through it... This week is my last week on my job, I'm leaving it. Coping with depression and a health issue, It's hard but somehow I know everything will get better. Lot of things are changing. I channel my emotions through music. I want to share with you this R.E.M. song, you can do it, I love you all. [YouTube link removed] 'Uberlin' by R.E.M., official lyrics video version
  4. Today a bullet in my head won't be so bad after all, tired of everything
  5. Got the feeling, I'm currently leaving my job in two weeks, it could be a relief for me, I think it will be. I just can't keep working there anymore, that phase is finished. I really understand for what you're going through, you just don't want to put your mind there, and... is not that you don't want, is that, there are other forms of evasion of oneself, better forms, easier and more enjoyable forms than work.
  6. Hi guys. I'm going to be honest, my days were sucking really bad. I'm having some health issues, and when you mix that with depression, well... it's not a good mix. I'm trying hard to keep a piece of mind, since I don't have relatives close, and my health condition kind of prevent me to do socials with other folks. My house is a total mess, I barelly work and go to university. I ask for some divine help, I don't know, I just want to feel better : ( I hope that you're doing good throughout the day. Best of wishes.
  7. Hi everyone. Feeling a bit numb today. Got a few health issues, plus I was studying non-stop on last two days, very few sleeping hours, just to not pass my exam. It sucked, I thought it was fine, they are so severe judging. I decided to quit job in a month after working for more than 4 years on this company, I decided that may be better to relax a bit, things where getting overwhelming lastly. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Feeling a bit lonely too, but on the other hand, I don't want to see anyone. Hugs to you, I hope your day's going better than mine.
  8. Hello there, I'm feeling... not wanting to go to sleep. It's almost 6 AM here, still up. Could be bad. On the other hand, I'm not punishing myself with rough thoughts, although sometimes I have this sudden thoughts of not existing anymore, life is pretty empty for me right now, the only things that keeps me going is some hope... that things will be better in the future. I always try to remember that I should not complain... there're people going through harder things that my psychological stuff. I hope you're doing good.
  9. I miss human interaction. I moved to a new town some months ago, and am totally alone here. Is so hard for me to make friends. Weekends are being hell, having noone to talk to. I'm holding on.
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