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  1. Hi Utsu, there used to be a post only about coping with covid, but I can't find it anymore. I guess you can talk on here
  2. My friend passed away hours ago 😢 I'm far away from them, this coronavirus stuff has the long distance busses stopped, and it's and was impossible for me to get there. It breaks my hearth, knowing the kind of person she was. I have a lot to learn from this life.
  3. What is going on? Do you want to express yourself? I read you
  4. Hi all, well, I use to post when feel like shit, and want to make the exception today. Been feeling down for the past 4, 5 days. Today it took me a lot to get up from bed, despite I opened my eyes at 8 AM, I started the day at 3 PM. I cleaned the flat, ordered it, shaved my face, made me food, went to buy a new keyboard (been with the enter key broken for 2 months, using the Intro keyword instead), and picked my writings for the exam I had tonight. It went great, got 10, that's an A in the US (I guess), and approved the subject. I was scared of this exam, since I had some encounters with the teacher, we didn't get along sometimes, and I was scared that she will try to make me disapprove. On the contrary, she congratulate me for my appliance, and told me she really appreciate me for making her think, and that would love to see me around to say hi. After that, it was my mother's birthday, my family called so I made a videoconference via whatsapp. Despite I'm 450 km from them, it feels close. We laughed a lot, I've seen my grandma, that makes me happy. I received a message from a close friend, he's having a really bad time with her girlfriend, which is also my friend, she has a serious health issue. I managed to make him feel good and it looked like he really needed my advice, and there's so much love flowing in between us, is overwhelming, can't avoid tears sometimes, this persons are gold. The answer is love, and hope. I know it's hard to keep going, but that's the north. I don't know where you can find love, you can't ask for it, I guess it just arrives, at unknown moments.
  5. Hey hi everyone. I'm feeling down lately. Things in life taste less and less. I'm alone, isolated, well, the quarantine is ending, but I have no skills whatsoever, or, I have no energy to try to get engaged in some friendship. Why everything is so hard? I don't really want to complain, 'cause I'm healty, but relatives aren't, that affects me, and I see life with dark eyes. Life ends at some point, people suffer from sickness, what is this existence about? I don't really understand guys. It could be the lack of love that got me blind, but well, there's no well of love from where to drink, there's no specific place to find that. Why is everything so hard?
  6. Yeah, and one question: "is it worth?". Was feeling like that yesterday, deep feeling, I just left myself cry, so painful. Woke up a bit better today, I don't know, maybe someday things will change, but I'm tired that it depends on me (and I wonder if it really does), I tried really hard during a lot of time.
  7. Yeah I battle with this every day. This is why - and this is important - this is way I've found important, not important, but valuable, to get things done. It's one more thing to not get to worry about. This is the anxiety knocking the door. The little things matter, simple things like washing the dishes, or get shaved, if you sum up this little things, you'll find yourself being a "normal" person. Please take this "normal" with all the quotes. What I mean is: I'Il be able to invite someone to my house, or, I'm able to go outside and not feel shame for myself for being so ... uncared. To be honest, at the end of the day I don't do one nor the other heh, but well, at least I feel ready. The same applies with other fields of life. I'm learning to be very ordered with my study, is the only way to advance, and I'm seeing results. Summing up, try to do those small things, I know that it looks that the small things doesn't matter, since it's a part of a thousand parts. But well, that's how you get things done. As I said, this is the anxiety knocking the door, and everything is a process, is not easy to understand that, I myself battle with this every day.
  8. Well, could be more complex than I thought. Is the neighborhood not safe for walking?
  9. Have you guys ever thought, or imagined about having a "Depression forum Con", do you think it would be good to meet each other irl?
  10. What a good point you have made. Lol, I laugh from inside because I'm currently experiencing some anxiety, because of some exams to come, but I can't "fix" them until I have them, hahah out of my reach, have to deal with this until then. I guess one have to master how to deal with things out of our control.
  11. I don't think that that's a silly question or matter. With all the coronavirus quarantine we had here (having), I found myself a bit shy about going to the outsides again. But it's a phase, until I get used again. What is that scares you? Have you identified what it is?
  12. Anxiety sucks, try to release some energy through some activity.
  13. Yeah, I agree with all of this. There're different levels, but in a sense, we are all paranoid. Is about dealing with non-facts. The clue is to accept that's all imagination, not easy sometimes, specially when emotions goes attached to paranoid thoughts. I think that meditation helps with it. I don't sit to do nothing for a long long while, but it's healty.
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