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  1. Hi, I am trying to get my head around a seemingly healthy 19 year old female who probaly weighs 45 kg, while drinking alcohol turn into a monster of sorts. 1-very flighty with massive mood swings that can be partially violent while drinking. 2-Huge appetite eating until wanting to be sick. 3-Sweating profusely while feeling cold. 4-heart/pulse racing 180 bpm checked now on 3 occasions separate nights. 4-While drunk hallucinating and talking to know one in particular. 5-Then the kicker wanting to have sex like a banshee which is scary as it seems she wants to latch onto who ever is around her putting people In a awkward position. I have started to discuss this with the young lady, but seeing she is embarrassed I am cautious I might insult her and she will keep going on her way as she is Which is out of control. There is no memory the next morning of what has transpired even though she only might sleep for two hrs in total and when she rises from sleep you can see clearly that there is no recolation of what has transpired. I am the father of her boyfriend and it is scary to be around her in this state not from her physical state but from the accusations when she is hallucinating. QUEStTION? Has this behavior been seen by others in such a wide variety. I asked her did she want me to go with her too see the doc that prescribed the meds as I don't think there is a lot of support at home. But I think its not going to happen. From an embarrassment side of things on her behalf. I know what it is like to be looked at when taking medications as I have been depressive and anxiety ridden for 10 years which I have now got a fairly good handle on now. Helped from meds etc along with meditation and mindfulness. So I feel a obligation towards her as i dont want to see the struggles I had thrust upon her at such a young age. Any input greatly appreciated. Kind regards dazz
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