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  1. I've been depressed for a very long time (im 16 now) and it seems like i go through a cycle where i feel like i have motivation to do things but it's always easier said than done until i actually try and it seems like failing everything (in school and in general) and falling down to my depression in a deep pit where suicide is innevitable is much easier than making a life for myself. the worst part is, i am extremely smart, i have a 135 iq, and have an extrordinary amount of potential but i have absoluutely no drive to apply my gifts in intelligence, art, music, or politics, in anything. I see my future as being an innevitable downhill slope where i fail high school, then college, then settle for a bad job i hate and quit on too, and eventually **** myself after becoming a societal leech. all of my closest friends agree with me that this is going to happen and dont care as though its an unfixable problem and the only person that recognizes any good in me is my girlfriend. In the past 3 years, medicine, counselling, nor time in a mental hospital has helped me. where do i go from here?
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