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    Writing. I have published a couple of books in spanish. I have 2 Blgs now: http://laverdaddeangelosissa.blogspot.pe/ and http://awriterdealingwithdepression.blogspot.pe/ . One scape that I have from Depressio is writing.

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  1. Hello again JD, things happen, I am just glad nothing happened to you. We just met, haha. When I was younger I use to drink without control, i didnt know that I suffered from depression and after a party I felt down for more than a day. later I learned that drinking was not my friend. I have issues with nicotine, but thats not too bad. I red your location:185 days sober and I just want to congratulate you. Stick around. Best Flavio
  2. Hello JD, nice to meet you too. Clearly aknowledging what you just said makes you a better person. The important thing is to be truthfull to ourselves, thats what matters. I will read about the Dilbert Principle, it is always good to learn more. Just want to tell you that for me it is more rewarding talking to you than worring about money issues, coworkers o politics. Thouhg I am not here as often as I want, it is nice to relate to others in this forum because we speak our mind and that finally frees our soul. best Flavio Though
  3. Hello nirah, unfortunately that is real life, not in the coorporate world only, humans are the only mammals that subestime every thing they touch, and pray what they find continuously. Good thoughts, good writing. I was looking for entries on your trip overseas, what couldnt find any. Best, Flavio
  4. Hello g, "just don't have what it takes any more" I felt that way many a times, but things will be better. In my latest jobs I have to do things that were unethical, I regreted but I dont blame myself because it wasnt my company. I was just a soldier receiveing orders. Of course I feelt bad and sad, hopefully I am no longer with them, but ethical issuess will be always in the corparate world, there are no values anymore, and thats how they make money. You do have what it takes, if not you wouldnt acknowlegde it, and recognizing that is part of a process that will lead to better conclusions or better things. And yes, depression and work are related, and for me it is hard to be competitive in the corporate world specially becuase I am not fronting, I dont like to be hipocryte. I hope you are feeling better. Best Flavio
  5. Hello idle, forgive my english, thats my second language. You are a fighter and thats good, I wish I can have your fortitude, I really wish. I struggle every day like you, I have nothing, I am unemployed, I have a son, I cant pay his bills. I have a good resume, but I have nothing. But.... my life isnt that bad after all, I am a writer, it doesnt pay any of my bills but I keep wrting, it makes me happy, this is what I like to do. Currently I am sellling my car to fix money issues, it is taking long but after that I will be better for a few motnhs until I get the job I am looking for, teacher. Thats what I want, it is taking too long, I am 45, suffer with depression for a long time, but at the end I am still alive, i dont konw how, but Iam Alive just like you. A few years ago I decided It was enough, I knew if I take this path It was going to be difficult but I did. I have been looking for that teacher position for the last year. Hopefully I dont have any debt. I understand that you are possibly in the usa, I lived there for 5 years and life was different than here. I have medical bills once becuase the insurance did not pay, bit I didnt have a cosigner, that is a different isses, and your are right, you mess up with other peoples credit. Anyway, think of you as a unique person, it is true that you have it difficult but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes we dont see it because we are frustated, I am many a times. Right now I have depression symptoms, it is been over two weeks with it, and itm is not good. I am back on feluxetine, but it will start to work in a week or so, at least that is how my body reacts. I have lost over 8 kg of weight because of stress, but still Im fighting just like you, I thats what I like from you. I hope I am usefull to you, my only objective is to relate to people in this web site and be helpfull. I wish i can steal you a smile. Finally I like your writing, it is very natural and fluid. I write almost every day, it helps me couping with my issues. You can open a blog and spread your word, I have two. You never know until you try, perhaps it suits you. Idle, here you have a friend, though were miles away, wish you the best Flavio
  6. I almost had an episode this year but nothing happened. Great to hear you are doing better.
  7. hi, dont feel like that and please do not expect that somebody will rescue you. from what I know it is ok not to trust people especially if you have a white soul, I dont know how to say it but I have been there trying to fulfill that empty epace that family couldnt but everytime I atraccted the wrong people. Now I think that I had to solve my omw issues, then be strong, then I will attract positive people, but it is still really hard, even today I trust people near me that is toxic. Anyway, keep writing it will soothe your live, like it does for me. Besh wishes. Anytime
  8. Nice vid. Music always works for me, and I see it does work for you too. Best, Flavio
  9. Been there. I hope you didnt have any panica attack. Try to relax, breathe deeply, think of the good times, think about your child and how beautiful life is with himher. Blessings
  10. I dont either museungirl. Just little by little try to find your interest in life. When I was 30 I found the meaning of my life, then I lost it for 13 years o more, now I am back. it is hard but not impossible. Good luck
  11. I wish you the best Gaj123. I dont know if that is related but many years ago actor Burt Reynolds was suffering from something like that. He had all his tooth removed and doctors implanted new ones. He said he was better than ever.
  12. This is a tough one notcomplete. Love is the story of our lives. Love is instinctive, so you don't need real parents to feel love. You can learn how to love yourself, little by little, accept who you are, be happy, and then you will be able to love others. But, never think that all love the same way. No, everybody feels different. Just live and get more experiences. Though I don't know exactly how abusive was your childhood, there is always time to heal up our past. It might not be easy but it is possible. The secret is to be happy by yourself, be alone. Now, this has a lot of pages to be written but it is possible.
  13. Yes, there might other people with bigger problems but we all need to vomit out our inner thoughts before it is too late. You are fine. I had the same issues with girls when I was a kid and it got worse as a teenager. Don't worry, it will go away as soon as you get your first partner, lover or whatever people call it these days. Daydreaming: you are a lucky one, there is a movie that I just recently saw with ben stiller, very nice. I have daydream my whole life. Today I am a writer, what else can I be, it suits me perfectly. There is nothing wrong with you, it is just that societal prejudices did a good job in you and you believe in them, don't worry. That's part of life- best Flavio
  14. I agreed with Lonely. I used to feel my jaw breaking and hurting, I couldnt move my head and neck without feeling hurt. It was caused by anxiety and/or frustration. Many physical pain issues not discovered by doctors are related to anxiety and anguish which triggers depression. Nowadays they call it fibromyalgia when it is in the body. Not yet many studies were done but I think is related to depression in many ways. I hope Gaj123 is filling better. Best wishes Flavio
  15. Yes, autum is the best, I dont like Summer or winter, too hot, too cold.
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