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  1. I feel great because a) today I gave myself permission to be the best me even in the worst situations and because b) I didn't freak out too bad on the way to pick up my meds this morning
  2. I'm not important. Feed your happy self, not the bad dogs of your negativity. Dream of your favorite childhood place, or of a place that doesn't exist. Dream of your own world where no one else can control anything
  3. I do! All the best stuff happens after a revolt, like spring follows winter. Yes, but that may end up being only significant for me. last date i got was a congressional hearing of SETI findings
  4. Lol thanks bristlecone and lifedream777!! Totally appreciate where you are both coming from And Thanks for reminding me that its okay to be a lone wolf!
  5. Now that I am taking medication for my depression that is helping, I want to rebuild relationships with my family and friends. However I feel the need, being a proper person, to apologize for essentially a lifetime of my being a lone wolf. And then this part of me feels like that will put them in an awkward situation and this out relationship, while another feels like I shouldn't have to apologize at all. Anybody else go through this dilemma? Benefits of apologizing? Not apologizing?
  6. To lexapro, started at 5 mg instead of 2.5, now I want more. 10 mg like my dad. It's only been two weeks, what do y'all think?
  7. May 16th something is going down. And only the open minded will survive past 2020
  8. I just read the plot!! Very interesting stuff. Before all this women's march events going on this year I dreamt I was at a huge assembly meeting comprised of intergalactic members, possibly universal, and down at front the man in charge allowed a woman to a appealing podium and she voiced the fact that women have long been oppressed and need more representation and immediately I and a dozen other women ran down to her podium and sat up against it in a dog pile of support and then I had to call asleep there to wake up here.
  9. #uck you brain, jumping At fame as if they might love Your thieving ass after
  10. Nervous! No reason. First therapy session today. Now she knows the problems I've known about. How reassuring
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