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  1. Thank you for the responses. I am only just reading them now. I like the idea of imagining difficult people in a new way that may help increase distance. Thanks to everyone really. \it's a struggle. I'm trying.
  2. Hi everyone, It's my first time posting here. I've decided to try joining here to hopefully connect with people that are supportive and understanding. I've been taking medication for anxiety/depression for about 12 years now. I started celexa when I was 18, switched to effexor when I was 26 and now am on Lexapro and I'm 30. I find my anxiety is better but not completely. I mostly struggle with social anxiety. I am not able to make friends easily and feel alone most of the time. I've become pretty cynical in the past five years or so especially. I was a vet tech but found that too stressful and had some difficulties with a co worker, and now I groom dogs but am finding a particular co worker really difficult. I've been trying to deal with how I handle working with this person for over a year now. (most people have difficulties to some extent with this person). I feel lost. I'm not happy where I work or with my job environment. I can't seem to figure out what career would be ok for me. I seem to dip from feeling sad/irritable to apathetic. I don't understand how people can manage to keep chugging along. I've spoke with my dr about my work situation because after a few absences I needed a dr's note. He referred me to a psychiatrist because he thinks I've been on medication for awhile and I've also been seeing a counselor regularly for 2 years and things are not really better. Also I can't afford seeing a counselor as often any more. I'd like to be able to meet some friends on here and share what's worked, or maybe just some tips on handling different situations (or people, in my case.) Look forward to hearing from people :)
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