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  1. Zos

    Any single girls here?

    Sorry. I guess I'm just desperate lol.
  2. I'm a 32 year old male with some issues but above all I'm looking for a female friend or more importantly, a girlfriend. Anyone interested?
  3. I'm 32 and I'm pretty much chained down by my past and every little stupid, obsessive thing I've ever done haunts me and causes me to stay in a depressed state. I just want to let go of my past and forgive myself and move on and be successful but I just feel like I've wasted too much time and I'm too weak to truly let go.
  4. Zos

    How to deal with morning depression

    For the entire month of August and a little of September I had, just as you described, extreme anxiety and depression every single morning that would ease the more I cried. My doc added abilify 2mg to amplify my prozac, which was at the max dose of 80 mg. After about a week on the abilify, the severe morning anxiety and emotional instability started to go away. Now my anxiety is down and I haven't cried for days. But there's still the thoughts that I have, which no medication can ever cure, that keeps me in a depressed state pretty much all day. But I'm more stable emotionally which is helpful.
  5. It's a hell of a process. I've been taking prozac for over a decade and it has mostly helped but this past year it might have pooped out. My doc added abilify and so far it's helping with the anxiety but I'm still very depressed and I don't think and medication can cure what I got.
  6. Wow what an experience. You're very strong to withstand all that while keeping your cool and standing up for yourself.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I'm trying a dating app right now but I'm not getting any results.
  8. This depresses me a lot. I spent all my life playing video games and I've always been shy around girls. I just don't know what to do and I'm so lonely. I feel like God hates me or something.
  9. Will God forgive me for years of thinking of my legs?
  10. Yea and I'm not that short, close to average height. I just regret so much about caring about something so meaningless and out of our control. I wish I could restart my life from high school with this knowledge buy I cant. I'm so depressed.
  11. I've spent over a decade insecure about my height. Wishing I had longer legs. Constantly measuring my height in strange ways in hopes I've grown taller. This all began in high school, before that I didn't give a damn about my height. I eventually developed a delusion that I was shrinking and eventually that my legs were shrinking. This brought great depression and anxiety. Eventually I came to my senses that I wasn't really shrinking and the feeling in my legs were all a delusion. I worked for a while then quit for no reason. I am now extremely depressed and I have severe anxiety. I regret ever being cursed with my height obsession and basically wasting half of my life to it. I'm 32 now, no friends, never had a girlfriend, can't remember the last time I've socialized with people. I'm extremely lonely, constantly tortured with thoughts of guilt and regret and I'm suicidal. I can't forgive myself no matter how hard I try. I just want to die so bad.
  12. So sorry to hear this. You are so young and strong. I hope your mom gets better!
  13. Zos

    I'm ashamed of who I am

    I'm so sorry for you. I'm crying reading what you've been through.
  14. I really need some support because every day I dread waking up. I have horrible anxiety and depression when I awake which leads to me throwing up, diarreah, and then uncontrollable crying that lasts for hours. I get somewhat better as the day goes on but I'm still pretty much severly depressed all day. I just need some comfort and support because I've convinced myself that I'm a horrible monster that deserves death.
  15. Zos

    Time off of work for depression

    I'm so sorry for you losses. May God watch over and protect you.