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  1. I suffered from depression and then it turned into depression with daily anxiety. I had some major issues with a coworker and I was so anxious that I didn't want to go to work. I had a couple of meetings with this person during the week and it was very hard to drag myself into the office. I think my long-term depression developed into depression with anxiety. The way I coped was a hot bath in the morning, tea without caffeine, switching to an anti-inflammatory diet. The main things that helped me were; a) working with a nutritionist b) neurofeedback The coworker finally quit, so the issue eventually got resolved.
  2. I'm a NOLIFER, Introvert w/OCD Pure "O"

    I've suffered from a lot of what your described after a major emotional trauma. Neurofeedback is helping me. Some have pointed out that it's a bit expensive, but it's the therapy/treatment that's helped me the most.
  3. How to deal with morning depression

    I'd also experiment with scents. Some colognes really do make me feel more grounded. I've heard good things about lemon balm team. It's soothing like chamomile but doesn't make you sleepy. /Take that last suggestion for what it's worth. I read it online. 😊
  4. Money Problems

    I second this.
  5. newbie

    Hi, I went through a pretty traumatic relationship and, so far, the best thing for me has been neurofeedback. I think it's helped me put the relationship behind me. It might be something to consider if you are really suffering a lot.
  6. How to deal with morning depression

    I used to have to face a stressful work environment. After waking up I would take a hot bath to ease the tension in my body. It helped a little. I'd try experimenting with hot/cold and see if either of them help.
  7. What was a small victory you had today?

    I had a phone screen with a recruiter from a firm. Need to update my resume now. :(
  8. Help - Depression or not?

    You aren't describing healthy behavior for someone in his/her thirties. She may very well be depressed but it sounds like there is even more going on with her. She'd probably benefit from professional help.
  9. Home Remedies - I need your ideas!!

    I think a zinc supplement might help. I also drink ginger tea.
  10. Feeling like I'm just back to Square One

    wysl2me - That's great advice. I was trying to think of something to say.
  11. Post your day in 1 word.

  12. Well, this is different...

    Sorry, I just meant before they suggested a spiritual problem, I'd have hoped that they looked at your bloodwork/nutrient panel. More and more research is showing that in some cases depression can be caused by inflammation. I noticed that my mood improved when I got some sun and took fish oil. I asked my doc for a nutrient panel done and found I was very low in Vitamin D. I was working with a nutritionist and for some time it helped. I've had some setbacks but for about 6 weeks I was good.
  13. Normal response?

  14. Normal response?

    I'm afraid I've managed poorly. Procrastination has been a major issue for me and I think it's been caused by my depression/anxiety. I went through a major depressive episode and I was completely shutdown until very recently. That being said what has worked for me is taking an ibuprofen to calm myself when I absolutely need it, and working with a nutritionist. I've cut most sugar, alcohol, grains, caffeine, and carbs out of my diet. I used to skip meals but now I'm eating every 3 or 4 hours. I never go more that 5 hours without food. Eating a high fat breakfast helped me. I think my problem was not eating enough and just pushing myself. Once I dialed in the meals and focused on a diet that reduces inflammation I started doing a lot better. Some people notice their anxiety gets worse if they don't eat. This is the case for me. Hope this helps.
  15. Normal response?

    I think some people use suicidal ideation as an escape from stress or anxiety. Can you try reframing the thought? Suicidal ideation is a maladaptive coping behavior, IMHO. As a chronic procrastinator, i've often felt the same way. I'd also suggest seeing a professional so you can get a handle on this as soon as possible.