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  1. Do you have any friends or other family that may be more supportive? Is there anyway you can live on your own? Sounds like you home life can be toxic at times and definitely contributing to your mental health. Also, being pregnant, your hormones are changing which can effect your mood. Sorry you are going through this:(
  2. So it’s day #20 on Prozac. I was previously on Zoloft but after several years it stopped working. So I took celexa 40mg, worked for a few months and then pittered out. I’ve been on SSRIs for about 20 years. The first 2 weeks I felt nauseated and no appetite. I lost 5lbs ( I don’t need to lose weight, so not good). My anxiety was a little worse but manageable Appetite has returned. Depression and anxiety are still here. I have moments, hours of feeling “somewhat normal” but nothing long lasting yet. I know the 1/2 life is really long, Prozac can take longer to kick in. I know it’s early but i really need to start feeling better. I’m on 40mg. I didn’t taper off Zoloft just switched over directly to Prozac per my psychiatrist direction. Please tell me I’ll start consistently feeling better soon!?!?
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