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  1. Trazadone has not had any sexual side effects for me (though i'm female - but I'm prone to all sexual side effects) Trintellix has also been fantastic for me - there was nausea (pretty bad too) & other digestive issues for a couple of weeks, but it went away after that - literally zero side effects since.
  2. I dreamt about my ex, who passed away from cancer a few years ago. It was a fairly intimate dream. Weird for me. I broke up with him before he was diagnosed with cancer. We didn't have a great relationship or anything. But, I'm dealing w/ a lot of people having cancer right now, so
  3. Since we can't link -- if you're curious about the blog, just Google "Hyperbole and a Half Depression Part 2"
  4. I'm in the wrong business....
  5. This reminded me of the hyperbole and a half comic blog entry about depression and the dead fish analogy. (I know that sounds super strange, but I promise it'll make sense if you read the comic - below.) *link removed* This is about depression, not anxiety, but it still relates. I'm sorry people are being insensitive and not just acknowledging the issue rather than trying to fix it by offering solutions that aren't even solutions. :\
  6. Wwwwow..... That is an awful thing to say to your wife. Sorry, I'm being blunt, but seriously..... that's such a d*ck thing to say.... Ugh. I'm angry for you
  7. Relaxing bath - especially with a Lush bath bomb to make the water pretty and smell good Good movies
  8. I'm sorry that you are struggling so much. That is a lot to deal with. I'm wondering - are you working at all with a therapist? Is it something you would be open to? I only ask because you just sound like you could really use someone who is both on your team and also knowledgeable about all that you are dealing with, including Asperger's.
  9. I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain, Hiker. Your words reminded me of Cheryl Strayed and one of my favorite (and also least favorite, because it seems so unfair) of her quotes... “Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you'll put up a good fight and lose. Sometimes you'll hold on really hard and realize there is no choice but to let go. Acceptance is a small, quiet room.” this is something I am grappling with as well. Having no control... my own happiness, my own everything (seemingly) wrapped up in another person... whose choices and decisions I have no say in. Who isn't nearly as enmeshed with me as I with him. It hurts.
  10. I'm really sorry that you are going through this tough spot with your boyfriend. He is certainly sending mixed signals, and that is always frustrating. If I'm really honest, I would also take his asking for space as asking to break up. You are very insightful in your thinking of his possible motivations: to get you to do the breaking up, for example. That is definitely possible. What to do? Well, certainly giving him the space, but this isn't just about him -- it's also about you -- what you need and what is best for you. Just because he has mental health concerns doesn't mean that YOU aren't important. You are also important. So, I guess the question is: what do you feel is best for you right now? What do you feel that you need?
  11. I cannot warn against Klonopin for sleep enough. I got into abuse territory myself, and the withdrawal was absolutely horrific. Like I have PTSD from it. There are other medications that can help with sleep and be less addictive (I now take Trazadone and, as needed, Seroquel for sleep). Highly highly recommend against abusing benzos.
  12. Trintellix is my miracle medication. Truly. I have been on like 23+ medications, and none of them have worked like Trintellix. I take 20mg - the max allowable dosage. A side of Trazadone for sleep and Seroquel (as needed) for intrusive thoughts/anxiety/sleep issues are also very helpful for me. I mostly feel like Trintellix turns everything "down" for me -- I feel things less intensely -- am able to observe my feelings without being overwhelmed by them. When traumatic situations arise, I do still feel and can get overwhelmed though. As I am discovering now.
  13. Um.. what's relaxing? No, I'm kidding. I like to ride horses, but that's not an option for me right now. Painting... taking a bath and watching a movie. Both of which I could do tonight when I get home from work. Just...not this moment. But maybe it'd help to focus on getting to the bath rather than getting to my next therapy appointment (Wednesday). Getting to tonight seems somewhat doable.
  14. Hi. So, I'm new. You can call me TMC. I'm 29 (for a couple more weeks at least). Female. A mom, actually. And, I'm kind of a mess. No, not kind of. I'm definitely a mess. I literally can't even explain here, because it's too much. There's too much happening right now, and I am too tired and hurt too much to be able to piece my thoughts together and explain. I'm here right this moment because I'm struggling with self-harm (not suicide) urges that are overwhelming me, and I just need to not be alone.
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