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  1. thank you jsop4 appreciate the reply ! :) Now that I see both of you say this it makes a lot more sense I think that was probably it as well.
  2. thank you. Your reply was the most helpful and as soon as i read it , it made more sense and helped me rationalize a lot better :) thank you for your input
  3. thank you I get that. But this can be said almost about every post on this website. Im already seeking help and theraphy. Im not asking people to cure it was just a nightmare I had and just got on here immediately to vent and get peoples opinions on my experience. imagine if for every post people just said "just seek a therapist" yeah that obvious and most are this was just a simple post to see what peoples interpretations of this dream was That is all. I seek this website not as a cure or to solve all my problems just here to vent and talk and get it out in the moment. I know no one here is a professional.
  4. no duh ... But i am unsure so im asking what are peoples opinions and interpretations ...idk why even reply something so unhelpful like this.
  5. *Trigger warning sexual abuse* I was molested by my dad when I was a child a few times. As an Adult its still something that effects me. However last night I had the worst dream Imaginable. I had a long dream about how I found my mom in bed with my brother because they were sleeping together and she did that with two of my brothers . I was so mad and disgusted because my mom was supposed to be the good one and she seemed so indifferent to the situation. I called her a disgusting monster and we got into a fight. I woke up being glad It was only a dream but it felt so real... I wonder Why I had that dream?? Was that just me projecting with what happened o me ?? Usually my dreams mean something what do u guys think of this dream ? thanks for reading this and I know its probably very disturbing
  6. Emmilyyy

    I keep thinking I'm famous

    I can relate somewhat. This does sound familiar . I dont think im a celebrity but I do frequently imagine myself being a celebrity and being in a dramatic movie or on my favorite reality tv show and winning a prize money ect I imagine myself being different people in different scenarios and make up scenarios in my head. This is a coping mechanism I develop as a child because I was abuse frequently and grew up in an abuse home so this was a way of me coping and escaping my reality. It has stuck with me my whole life. The reason sometimes these thoughts are hard to control are because for me I have a type of ocd that makes controlling these thoughts and imaginative situations to stop. Not sure what your situation may be but just wanted to share a bit of my personal experience. I dont wanna even guess in diagnoses so I agree with others see a professional psychiatrist and get a proper diagnoses so you can know what to do about it . good luck
  7. It seems like your bf contributes to this. You mentioned him a lot when talking about this stuff. You should talk to him about how you feel and see how he reacts. He sounds a bit controlling at this in your other posts . But I agree with the other commenters you are too hard on yourself because you're comparing yourself to these ig girls that probably got plastic surgery has fake boob's and Photoshop their pictures. Nobody is perfect and quite honestly you sound like you have a body that a lot of girls would want also. You also seem very open minded and caring. Don't let crazy high unrealistic beauty standards make you feel ugly when Youre not
  8. Emmilyyy

    How to survive in a Uni house?

    You're not overstepping. Uni is stressful ass hell and makes most people anxious. Its worst when you have anxiety and depression. But really my advice is dont over think it. remind yourself that no one is as aware about you as you are. You might be feeling so anxious but im sure others around you dont see it because their too busy worrying about themselves how to survive uni too. Its going to take a while to ease into things so just do a little at a time,. Decide ok today even if I dont feel like it im going to take a quick rinse and just start to get into a routine of showering and doing other things. Also dont get used to staying in your room find a spot you feel comfortable with that has some people around. Say the library or some place outside. Somewhere you can sit and have a few people around you will get you used to the enviroment and having strangers around. I cried my eyes out when I was firts at uni. the first 3 months were hell but then I slowly just started to ease myself into it and it turned out to be an amazing experience and the same can happen to you! Dont feel bad about posting anything here people post whatever they want and their own struggles no biggie its never overstepping. wishing you i know soon youll feel better and more comfortable at uni
  9. Emmilyyy

    Has anybody else wasted their life?

    Im sorry but replying as a 16 year old probably doesnt help. You still have many more years where you can mess up and itll be ok. it makes it harder when you get older theres less room to makes mistakes and be at certain place for example many jobs dont even like to get people at a certain age ect
  10. Emmilyyy

    Am I weird?

    how old are you? the way youre putting things come of as a little rude. This forum is filled with normal people who share their experiences and in turn give their opinions and advice how they cope with such experiences. No one owes anyone anything and we dont have a job to make anyone happy. we all have our own issues. this website is for us to vent and seek like minded people so we can feel less alone.
  11. The other two didnt seem to be saying anything wrong. they were diagnosing themselves saying they have those things when a doctor never said so. they were just making clear that thats not healthy. not sure why people insist on enabling stuff like that.
  12. Emmilyyy

    Am I weird?

    this right here is weird..saying youre going to cut yourself because no one replied in 5 hours and then saying "Lol " when someone actually responded and gave you genuine respond and sympathy.
  13. hopefully today was a better day for u
  14. Emmilyyy

    Dating advice?

    why do you keep putting emphasis on "gold digger" it makes it seem like you have something against women when your first assumption is to see if their a gold digger or not when you dont know them. Have you had bad experiences where you were used for money? That could be an insecurity that effects your relationship in the future. Anyways other then that I dont think you need to worry. You dont have to get anyone anything on the first date and if you have thats already a plus. The best first impression is to show up on time look fresh and be a good listener and ask questions and dont be afraid to open. hope it goes well
  15. Please i wanna hear your story if you have and how you felt I feel so alone in this