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  1. Thanks to all for the welcome. The new job has helped. DurandalBlue, I actually have rethought the antidepressant since writing this. I will msg you about the natural remedies.
  2. I can relate. I quit a decent job and am now forced to take one at almost half the pay. Hope I don't blow that too. Starting over is hard, and that whole underachiever thing eats away at you. When I start my new job next week, I'm going with the "fake it till you make it" approach. I'm going to paste on a smile, roll up my sleeves and work hard, and act like I'm enthusiastic to be there. If I hate it, I'll unload at home in my journal or something. I'm going to be the best actor I can be. That's my strategy. I'll report back.
  3. Hi. I've been struggling off and on with depression for a few years. My dad is an alcoholic and has caused me decades of grief. After his near death and detox last year, he started drinking a mere 2 months later. I had a crazy, screaming meltdown over it. Then I decided to get off the emotional roller coaster and wash my hands of him. I thought it would make things better. But I'm still connected through my mom, so that drama never really goes away. I quit a decent paying job in January because it was becoming unbearable to get up every morning and go through the motions of being there. I gave them this BS story that I wanted to try a new career direction. I holed up at home and tried a work-from-home type job. I told people how great it was. That was a lie. I was struggling financially, and the isolation put me even further into a depression. I'm now super focused on my neighbors and the noise they make. I'm like Mrs. Kravitz now. The only good thing in my life is my cat and dog. They're the reason I'm still hanging on. I had 2 cats, but one died last month. That sent me deeper down the dark hole. So that's the story of my descent. I found this site in a Google search and thought I would join. Oh yeah, I start a new job next week that I'm not at all excited about, but it's a job, right? Maybe getting out of the house will help. I want to try an antidepressant as soon as my insurance kicks in. Hope I didn't ramble. It's really late. Thanks for reading.
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