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  1. This stereotypical look at depression was my main problem and reason why I never looked for professional help. Only recently (well a couple years ago) I figured that real depression is much broader, with me it's basically exactly as you described. Everyone always called me lazy, even I called myself lazy all the time, without realizing there's a real problem underneath. I had extensive blood work done, everything connected to thyroid ended up being fine. Is it possible to have sleep apnea if you don't remember ever waking up during the night and are a sound sleeper? Is it possible that I do have problems just that my brain never registers them and/or remembers them in the morning? It seems unlikely to me. (unfortunately I haven't had a serious relationship for quite some time, so I cannot get any information about my sleep there)
  2. Hello everyone! I'm here hoping to get some ideas, answers and/or solutions to my never properly treated lifelong problems. I'm hoping that maybe someone here has similar experiences and/or knows a solution. Some background: I'm 33 years old and I've been battling a severe lack of energy, motivation and drive for basically my whole life. I don't remember ever being any better, not even as a teenager. Even then, every single morning I was simply looking for excuses not to go to school and I skipped it so much that at the end of every single year I had problems because attendance numbers were too low. I never received any real treatment, mostly because my grades were always OK, so nobody even knew there's anything seriously wrong with me. Even I didn't know, I simply remember always being surprised where others find energy to do things ... Note that for the past couple of years, I've been eating extremely healthy, only organic, home cooked food. I even force myself to go to the gym 4+ times per week. However, I don't feel ANYTHING at all, no improvement whatsoever, I'm still the same sloth-like person. Also please note that I'm not even stereotypically "depressed", I don't really feel sadness or feel helpless etc., it's just that I don't really care about anything and/or can't find the energy to do anything. Does anyone have any suggestions, possible treatment ideas? Maybe someone has or had such a problem and managed to improve it? I'm probably going to see a psychiatrist, but I come from a small country with not much choice, so it's preferable if I first get "educated" about possible solutions myself. Nothing I tried seems to have any effect on me at all, so my last resort is going to be something I first tried to avoid - actual medication. It looks like something needs to chemically change in my brain ... Regards, Sloth
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