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  1. She was diagnosed with depression around 3 months ago. Every now and then she says she's unhappy and doesn't know why. She sent me these messages just last week. After I told her I was deploying to Afghanistan, she went into a depressive episode, or what I believe to be a depressive episode. Everything changed. This week She even went so far as to say I've been the source of her unhappiness the entire time. She says that she sees no good in our relationship, only bad. What can I do to get through to her? What can I do to help her stop focusing on all of the negative things? I was planning to marry her after I got home from Afghanistan. Please help me!
  2. @lonelyforeigner thanks for the feedback. Today is also my birthday. I tried to talk to her last night, but she ignored my calls. I tried to text her. I asked if her if she loved me and she refused to respond and she asked me to leave her alone, so I did. She sent me a message this morning telling me happy birthday and said that she loved me. I said thanks, but she did not respond. But I really want to talk to her today. Should I text her? Or should I just give it some time? Also, I forgot to mention that the depressive episode began after I told her that I was deploying to Afghanistan. Before I told her that, she seemed perfectly fine.
  3. My partner and I met in high school 4-5 years ago. We've been good friends since then. She started dating a guy, leading to our friendship deminishing. The guy was abusive and cheated on her very often. When she built up the courage, she left him, and our friendship picked back up where it left off. We started dating around six months ago. Things were great for the first two months or so. I then started to notice dramatic mood swings that were initiated by the smallest things. She would often accuse me of cheating. And each time I would give her reassurance that I wasn't. That didn't stop her from becoming angry with me. Sometimes I could ask her a simple question, and she would go into defense mode. I could ask, "Where'd you get that hat?" She'd respond with "Why does it matter?" And she's just go off on a tangent, getting angry for what appeared to be no reason. One day, we were spending time together, and she had fallen asleep. She received a text message from her ex, the abusive guy. I woke her to tell her that she had received a message. She became angry and accused me of going through her phone. She even punched me in the face twice that night. After that I suggested that she get help. She was diagnosed with depression. So her mood swings started to make a little bit more sense.. or so I thought. When she goes into a depressive episode, she talks about how she isn't happy, but doesn't know why. She stops being affectionate and starts acting differently. I end up questioning her to help her try and figure out why she's unhappy. It always ends with her getting angry with me, and breaking up with me. After a few days, she'll apologize and things would go back to normal. She went into a depressive state this week, and she told me that I am the reason that she's so unhappy. I've never done anything to hurt her. All I have given her is love, and I don't understand why she would say this. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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