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  1. I have no one close in my life I can truly count on to love me. I mean that kind of deep, unselfish true kind of love your mom gives you. so I eat. I smile. I ****. I escape. I'm consumed by my moms schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I'm what I call an only child with four younger siblings (think a 3 times divorced mom who only ever took custody of me). I'm in sick relationships over and over again. My bf is mentally ill / depressed af too, but loving and amazing by all standards except boundaries. He has too many problems to be there for me. My careers lackluster. And I'm in between sad, angry, and unwell. What do I do? Therapists don't work for me. love addictions not cute when combined with self hatred and food addiction. ????? #SeekingDopamine
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