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  1. Hi everyone, I'm hoping there are some like-minded people here who I can just talk to, not expecting to find all the answers or anything. Been depressed as long as I can remember, don't really know if all the stuff in my childhood is to blame, or just incidental. Always felt that I'm battling with this invisible enemy that always makes me do thing half-arsed, motivation, the ability just to get out of bed and get showered and dressed, just is ridiculously hard for me. Things that are so easy for others, I don't get it really. I have periods, usually just a couple of days, where simple stuff really is simple, but it never lasts. Anyway, where I'm at right now: I'm trying to get my PhD, but it's never going to happen, can't go in to work, can't communicate with people, just having one of my bad moments. Don't know what to do, just need to talk to someone really. Moved here (Oxfordshire) for my PhD, but didn't know anyone when I moved here and don't know anybody outside my work environment now. Just feeling lonely I guess, and two bottles of alcohol on a friday night don't help.
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