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  1. Do you have any church affiliation? Were you raised in any particular faith? That would be a good start. Now if that is not an option, I would look up a Catholic priest because most of them have a lot of psychology and counseling background. I don't think you even have to be Catholic to go to confession and just let him know that you are hurting and need some guidance. Maybe he could steer you toward a better person who might be able to help. If you call up a church and ask if someone there can talk to you about what you're going through you may just get the assistance you need. BTW, I just found a yelp of the 10 Best Churches in Grand Rapids. Maybe you could start there. I hope you get peace!
  2. I took a really low dose of Prozac in the beginning, but it did take more than a few weeks to kick in. Prozac was my first antidepressant and even though I had to get the does upped a few times it worked very well for me for 8 years. Hope this helps.
  3. I'm curious if you find your depression inspires you to create more or makes you overthink and not produce. Unfortunately, I'm in the latter category. I find the process of starting something overwhelming and continue to be distracted from finishing pieces as well. Sometimes I wish depression would give me inspiration to use art as an outlet as opposed to feeling more helpless that I can't produce.
  4. I used to buy mine under the brand name Brintellix online at bluesky because the cost was so astronomical. I saved a little bit of money but was still spending 100 dollars a month! My primary dr told me to try the coupon on Trintellix's website again (it hadn't worked when I tried before) and it worked--now I have a 30 dollar co-pay. Don't know if this applies to your situation as your insurance doesn't want to cover but the Trintellix website does have ways that can assist in the cost of the drug. Good luck!
  5. After a 3 month hiatus off all meds I had to start up again because I literally couldn't function. Last week I was started on 10mg Trintellix (Vortioxetine). Anyone with good results on this drug? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm new here. I've been medicated since a bout of PPD in 2003. I have had depression and anxiety since my teens but the PPD and the need to care for my child finally made me reach out for help. Prozac cleared up that initial problems and made me feel like a real person again. But it also robbed me of sex drive. Now, almost a decade and a half later and the loss of my two sisters and my subsequent addiction to alcohol--I'm trying to get help. But. I can't seem to find the right meds. Wellbutrin, Zoloft...a few others didn't work at all (in fact those two made me have explosive episodes of rage). Finally, Effexor helped with the depression and anxiety but I gained 30 lbs and my typically low blood pressure went high. Weaned off that to Prozac and then went to Cymbalta. I am tired of fighting the depression. I'm tired of not feeling attracted by sex with my husband (who I love!). I'm back and forth with drinking. I don't drink all day yet make up for that by drinking way too much in the evening. Nothing seems to quell the anxiety like drinking, but I know how bad it is for me. My Pdoc says I'm not suffering anxiety but the feeling is actually depression. I can't bring myself to admit to the Pdoc that instead of quitting drinking I've been on and off alcohol for months now...I really fear him making me get into a program. I just want relief. I have an ache in my chest like the loss of love and my arms yearn to be opened and drained of the emotional discharge.
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