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  1. Animals are good judges of characters. I don't know who'd want to hurt an animal. Oh bless him, l hope it works, he'll feel better for a trim. Let me know how it goes if you get the chance.
  2. Kool, which? (Don't feel you have to answer that btw) Is karaoke still dead popular up there?
  3. Awww bless him. I love foxes, ever since seeing a Cliff Richard film as a child, and he saved one. (Trust me to want the fox and not star lol) My last cat was mistreated, she was like that, with other people. She adopted me.
  4. I think a lot of people forget the person at the other end is real. You often hear people say real friends, as in face to face.
  5. Thanks. Mainly Aberdeenshire (Banchory etc) but we visited Perth a lot. If money was no object, l'd love to live in the sticks up there.
  6. Awww thanks, me too, but it's nice to have options. It can feel like that can't it, l often feel like a different me when my anxiety or depression kicks in. I'm happy you're feeling better than you were, and l hope it continues for you too. Did l read earlier you had a dog like a fox? I didn't have time to post much earlier.
  7. There is either a cow nearby in a field screaming, 'God k*** me now' or they are mucking the fields. I feel like l can taste it, it is so strong
  8. Thank you for asking. It went really well. They have agreed that they will help me go on some courses, they thought l'd done remarkably well combating my anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia etc, so they've accepted my application for universal credit. They also said l could apply for part time work, to ease me back in, as long as my long term approach is full time. They seem to be very proactive. My vertigo went on the bumpy entrance in, l buggered over, the security guard and the meet n greet were in hysterics lol, l figured it couldn't get worse and was hardly anxious How are you doing?
  9. My ex husband was from Scotland, we used to go up there a lot, stunning country.
  10. Hiya Mtndreams I love dreams. When l went on meds l seemed to stop remembering my dreams. Even though l've been off my meds for just over a year, l'm only now just starting to dream again. Dreams aren't so detached from the real world, our brains often work out our feelings over situations and finds solutions to questions and problems we have been pondering on. Obviously it's important to live in the wide awake, but like you think we should be able to enjoy that side of ourselves. I dreamt the other night that l was caught at the doctors, they made me blow up surgical gloves lol
  11. Thanks, everyone suggested something really helpful. I think l have some tic tacs somewhere. Packed pen, and my rough crystal, it distracts me holding it. @ghost_reborn that's exactly what l've been telling myself, because it is true, it's not worse than my run away brain lol I do meditate it is a great help. K.....beter get ready I'll feel better once on the bus, l keep worrying l'm going to miss it.
  12. Yeah. I liked it also because you could convey so much, without struggling to put into words.
  13. They did an upgrade. It may or may not return.
  14. Hope all of you that feel poorly in some way feel better I miss the like button, it conveyed it all
  15. YOoou don't risk ripping your trousers when you bend over, need l say more Ok then more energy, mood tends to improve for some, perhaps feel more confident
  16. Nice to meet you UnfriendableUk. Welcome to the forum, l look forward to chatting to you in threads.
  17. Hi, I'm looking to go back to work. I've managed to get on top of my depression, my anxiety has improved no end, but is still persisting, l am finding it easier to push through it, but interviews are going to be coming up. I have lots of ways to calm myself down, most won't look good doing during an interview. The things that are concerning me is if l start to shake and/or my voice constricts. Does anyone have any tips that could help with this, that won't look obvious to the interviewer please? Thanks
  18. Likes to all Bad news: looks like my neighbour problem isn't as cleared up as l thought. So sick people mistaking me for a push over, just because l'm quiet. What with tomorrow as well, really set my anxiety off. Good news: Been doing my breathing exercises and talking myself around. Seem to have anxiety under control again. Feel exhausted now.
  19. Oh tcalypse, l didn't once pick up you were a failure, but despite the incredibly difficult life you have been thrown into, you consider your parents and you are a warrior for your sister. I was abused and mistreated growing up, at no point has that given me free reign to put such pressure on my son, or damage him in anyway. I'm sorry to break it to you, but l think you probably know this because you feel justifiably angry, but your parents should not be treating you this way. You have probably had your needs and feelings dismissed at every turn, so all these healthy emotions of anger, sadness, anxiety that are meant to guide us to know what isn't right for us, are pushed down deep inside, left to fester. On top of that you have probably been made to feel guilty and ashamed for having those feelings. Your parents are in no shape or form your responsibility. Having that kind of responsibility for your sister at seventeen is too much, you're going through enormous changes, you're meant to be figuring out who you are and what direction you want your life to go. I don't know what country you're in. Where l am things have changed a lot. Social services now work very hard to keep families together, while addressing the dysfunction with in it. It could lead to your mum getting the proper help she needs, so she can be the mum you both deserve. I know that is a scary thought, but please consider it. Do you have health care? You shouldn't need to have a parent present, so you can have a doctor's appointment without their knowledge. I would also suggest getting it all out, so you can release those pent up emotions, so you can truly get in touch with your feelings. Write, or if you're worried it might be seen, how about online? Even on this site, you can have a blogg. You're really quite exordinary in a good way, it is a pleasure to meet you. I just wish it wasn't because of what brought you here. We all here to help each other, bounce ideas/possibilities around.
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