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  1. I thought that about Tyrion, he isn't the same. I thought for most they were trying to show maturing and hardening due to experiences. Sansa has always annoyed me, but this sudden 'l'm a leader' attitude and little finger being her puppy seems daft. The third eye raven could be way better.
  2. Ahhh ok. Lol do you. I got really bored last season and didn't have any expectations, so seems better. My son hasn't been overly impressed.
  3. I've not heard that rumour, l wonder how that would work. I'm finding Euron Greyjoy an interesting villain. This season is much better than last so far.
  4. I can understand wanting a fresh start. Perhaps your friends would like to keep you around. I hope and feel what they mean is not that you are to blame, but wanting you to find the right person who can help heal the raw emotions within you, caused externally by other people.
  5. I think escapism is essential to good health. If your subconscious has found a way where you are escaping to replace what was stopped, isn't that a sign you need it. I'm very introverted. I can be good socially, but l have to have my time, not because it's selfish, but so l can function effectively. Certainly there has to be balance, and perhaps keeping a diary can help you keep a healthy balance going. What we resist persists too,much better to manage it and enjoy if without guilt. To feel your emotions unlike you can in your awake moments must be liberating. It can also be a part of the healing process.
  6. Wonderfully windy, but it's chapped my lips
  7. We think they do and we think Ned isn't his dad, but the son of Ned's sister, the father we think Daenerys and Jon are related.
  8. Yeah, my son said the same. A lot of the lass' are supposed to have short hair too l'm told. I hope we finally see more white walker action this season.
  9. You'll be telling me Daenerys Targaryen isn't real next
  10. Very well put. I know what it's like being stuck in a bad environment, it will chip away at you and can blind you into thinking that is how everybody is. It's letting them beat you down, you deserve better.
  11. Awww don't say that. I'm usually funny unintentionally, l'm so accident prone
  12. Oh gawd hope l haven't remembered that wrong, or l'm messed in the head lol
  13. I think it is a case of not a lot to do for certain ages. My ex complained of a lot of unemployment too, not sure if still the case. It's beautiful but l wouldn't want to live there withou a decent income.
  14. She has an incredible voice. I remember first hearing her voice and was blown away. Would love to hear them live. Oh yes Rayman, how could l forget. Lol the one where they are flying by farting.
  15. I agree hundred percent. I've found people always think l'll be a push over though, because l'm kind and soft, so have to be assertive. I think a lot of people find that.
  16. Evenescance are very good. I still love 'bring me to life' Indeed respect the rabbids
  17. I think there are more than we think. It's just the baddest stand out more, they also tend to be loud too. Kindness is seen as a weakness, people try not to be seen as vulnerable and keep their heads down l reckon.
  18. Aye, music was one of the better inventions. Who you into/style? I never thought l'd say this, as l'm a rock chick mostly, but l've started to like some classical music. Gamer, you sound like my son, he loves statergy games mainly. I like raving rabbids on wii, l'm hard core ya know.
  19. Well apart from the groggy, that's good to hear. I hope it continues. I'm ok thanks, was low earlier, but pulled myself out of it, thanks for asking.
  20. Awwww dude. So what are your interests/movies or what do you like to chat about?
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