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  1. Have you contacted them, to discuss your options? We have universal credit here, it's pittance and getting tighter or people. It's so unfair on people. You could try your local church, you don't have to be a member. They would know of anything local as well, as have their own ways of helping people in your situation. I know it's scary, l've been there, keep taking deep breaths, tackle each bit at a time. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Contact who you pay rent and bills to, keep them informed, they are more decent if you don't try and ignore it. Some suppliers actually have schemes to help people, but you have to ask.
  2. People who gush over the top how much they care, when clearly they don't, it's extremely condescending and fake. They are usually the ones to ignore you when there is no audience, or you don't get them ahead in some capacity.
  3. Doctors in my country state that exercise is one of the best things to fight depression and anxiety, so if you can push yourself to do it, then l think that would be prudent, but there are times when it can seem like a losing battle just to get out of bed, so on those days don't beat yourself up, it's just a different battle that day :)
  4. I'm not sure what country you're in, if able book an appointment with your doctor, if you have school councillors speak to them in confidence. I'm sorry you're going through so much, so young. No matter your age, sadly most people are cruel, uncaring, self absorbed and fake. Their behaviour is a reflection on them, they sadly see a weakness and because they are cowards, aim for it. It isn't easy being in this situation, and to know what the right action is. You can tell a lot about a person, by the people they are friends with, are you sure this person is so nice, if she hangs out with such bullies and does nothing? I know when finding a friend you want to hold on, as though it is a life line, but keep it in mind. I would recommend looking up self assertiveness, and practice. How we hold ourselves in public can go a long way in self protection. Standing tall, not looking at the floor, looking people in the eye, are small examples of what can all help.
  5. Ahh ok. Yeah, sadly it doesn't work like that. Iooking back l've suffered with depression and anxiety from a young child, though wasn't diagnosed until my 40's. It's swings and round abouts. Everyone is different, getting to know myself, confronting my fears and sheer stubbornness has helped no end for it, l forced myself to try different mindfulness techniques, relaxation, exercises, diet, to find the right fit for me. I can keep the worst at bay with it. Try not to lose hope, by thinking in terms of years, it's not that kind of goal, it is a serious illness.
  6. It takes time, patience and perseverance. Be gentle with yourself. Gaming can actually be a form of escapism, giving your brain and nervous system a break. Did you name yourself after a mazda?
  7. If anyone does experience this, apparently it can be due to flash backs.
  8. That it would be awesome if we could choose our sexual orentation.
  9. Dreams tend to reflect our hopes, desires, worries and fears. Your dream sounds very much like you don't feel in control of your life, like you feel unempowered and nothing you attempt to do really makes a difference, you fear the unknown and it's hurtling towards it, and it's kind of like wanting the world to stop, so you can catch your breath, read a map and figure what is going on.
  10. Hi LF, l found walking helped mine. Well done for being proactive. It might seem like anxiety, but could it be the effects from walking and possible low blood sugar? It can feel like anxiety, high blood pressure etc You might also want to check posture whilst you are walking, good foot wear can make a difference. Also looking at your breathing, keep taking slow deep breaths. It took me a few weeks to adjust. I'm doing countless stair climbing at work now, and feel great, just takes a little while. Good luck and happy birthday when ever that is, guessing it must be soon.
  11. You said ACT. Women want someone who is nice. I just recently had some player ACT nice. He was oh so understanding about what l'd been through, the second l was having doubts when he started talking sexual stuff, he stopped hardly contacting me, then l get told about these women he is dating. I wanted NICE not ACT nice.
  12. Yeah of course, what would l know l'm just a WOMAN. Tattoos have nothing to do with bad guys. I used to go to a biker rock pub every week, loads of tattoos nicest guys l ever met. Some of the worst men l've met have had none. You're making incorrect assumptions.
  13. Utter nonsense, when we land a bad boy it's usually because they are pretending to be someone they aren't, women aren't stupid, that is so insulting.
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