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  1. Lumen, if you don't mind me asking , what were your "horrendous side-effects?" How long after you quit the Zoloft did they go away?
  2. Lumen, thanks for your reply! I have to admit I have been wondering about going the more natural route of supplements, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and L-Theanine, or even adding 5-HTP or SAM-E (though I believe they are more for depression, not anxiety). Also, my blood work showed I have low T, so that could be another piece to the puzzle.
  3. Not dumb at all, exactly what my wife said when I told her I posted my story on this forum. Yeah, I will see if he will want to up the dose, not going to lie that really scares me as if I can't sleep and have terrible anxiety I didn't have before (not to mention other, less debilitating side effects) what will happen to me if I INCREASE to 20mgs? Sorry for the confusion I am on 10mgs of Lexapro and take .5mg of Klonopin at night, both before bed. Thanks for the input, we will all be better and back to ourselves soon, just hard in the interim when you are struggling and worried about doing something that will make it worse. THANKS!
  4. Haha, I like the "wittyscreenname." Sometimes it is good to know that you aren't the only one going through crap, so I really appreciate your response. Doc appointment tomorrow, will be 6 weeks at 10mgs and 7 total. Have you felt like you have been WORSE the three weeks on Lexapro? I was certainly not as bad as this before I started, like I said, was trying to be "proactive." I should have waited it out to see if I could have just gotten past it, much like I am sure you had to do many times during some anxiety blips in the 12 years you were "med free." Clearly you were at a point where you were having severe anxiety and needed to do something. Just feels like with all the side effects I am still experiencing, that my brain is not a fan of the extra serotonin, and after 6 weeks at this dose I am worried it isn't adjusting. I have been much better this week since starting the Klonopin (.5mgs at night) as I have slept better and wake restless with a little anxiety at 6AM instead of in a complete panic "I need to go to the hospital!" at 4AM. With the Klonopin i could stick it out for 2-3 more weeks, but if the LEX isn't helping at 6 weeks, is there any reason to think it will at 8-9 weeks. If not, now I am 3 weeks later and closer to being addicted to Klonopin. Like I said, I don't really deal with standard depression, just a lack of enjoyment due to having the anxiety. I will talk to the doc tomorrow and see what he says, I think my options are stick with the 10mgs for a few more weeks with Klonopin at night, go down to 5mgs to see if it helps with the idea that if it doesn't I will go off and try to get a new baseline of where I am really at. Not sure why SSRIs have been kicking me in the butt, when Zoloft was such a life saver for me before. Anyone have any luck with Lyrica for GAD? Seems like it can be very successful when co-morbid depression is not really an issue, and I guess since it doesn't affect Serotonin, you could take it with the Lex as maybe a safer, less addictive alternative to Klonopin. Let me know how you go on the Lexapro, I am sure it will end up great as you were off of the SSRIs for so long, your brain is likely to be totally back to its original homeostasis by now.
  5. No one have any advice? Sorry, but I am kinda desperate for any info or similar experiences as I see my doctor in 2 days and want to have a plan. Thanks to all!
  6. Ok, so here is goes. I am a 34YO married man with an amazing wife and three great kids. When my oldest was born (he just turned 10) I had a panic attack (my only legitimate one ever) and started having general anxiety (with some intrusive OCD type thoughts) due to becoming a Father, starting MBA school, and starting a new business all at the same time. I REALLY didn't want to go the med route, so I toughed it out for a year and a half. It was hard, there were good times in that year, but overall it was a struggle. I decided to try medication, I took Zoloft and I remember it took a little while to kick in, maybe increased my anxiety a bit, but overall felt much better and started enjoying life fairly quickly. I was on Zoloft for 8 years, I went all the way up to 150mgs (only for a couple of weeks as it made me keyed up) at one point, but after getting on a vitamin and fish oil supplement and losing some weight (6'2") went from 225lbs to about 210lbs, I lowered my Zoloft dose to 50mgs for the last 5 years. There were times I would have 1-2 week anxiety blips (usually once or twice a year when I was eating poorly, or not exercising) but overall I was back to my normal self and LOVING LIFE and my Family. Last October the business I started was successful, I have a perfect, amazingly beautiful wife and 3 healthy thriving kids, I decided when my Zoloft dose ran out, I simply wouldn't refill it. So I went from 50mgs to nothing overnight (I know, probably not smart). I went through some withdrawal effects (dizzy spells, muscles cramps, nothing major) for about 3 weeks (got through it with LOTS of exercise and drinking lots of water), then...I felt great. Went through the holidays and start of winter just fine, I didn't even think about anxiety. Only downside was I did start having some pretty frustrating PE. At the end of January I started feeling kinda down (not really depressed, any of my depression has been related to living with anxiety) and felt my anxiety creeping in. After a week of this, I decided I was going to be proactive and not let it get worse, and I was worried it would get as bad as 10 years ago (plus I was kind of looking for an excuse to restart the Zoloft due to PE) so I restarted the Zoloft 50MGs (maybe the worst decision of my life...except for maybe quitting in the first place). Well my anxiety quickly went from about a 4-5 to an 11, I couldn't sleep past 4AM (sleeping fine before) and would wake with terrible anxiety that would pretty much last all day. I gave it three weeks on this and didn't get much relief (if any) so I tried to go down to 25mgs (that probably helped a bit, but i kept focusing on it wasn't therapeutic so I went back up to 50 after a week). After the week on 50, it felt like too much so I went back to 25mgs and didn't feel better (probably all the stupid up and down I did to myself). My P-Doc had mentioned that although Zoloft had worked in the past, it is quite stimulating and not the best for anxiety, so we decided to switch to Lexapro. I was on 5MGs for a week, and then 10MGs for 5 and a half weeks now. I have pretty much been the same the whole time on Lexapro as I was on Zoloft, maybe at times I feel my mood is better and I can concentrate on my family and things and not the anxiety so much, but sometimes I think I am just REALLY struggling to find positives where they don't exist. So I guess my question is, where does this leave me? Should I continue on the Lexapro 10mgs? I am REALLY scared to move up as I don't think I am over any side effects of the 10MGS, still have crazy anxiety upon waking (anywhere from 4-5:30AM) that may be actually worse the last two weeks (I took my 1st klonopin last night as I felt I could no longer handle the morning anxiety, which wasn't always the case). The anxiety does lesson fairly quickly after I work out every morning (usually a 3-4 mile run with my dog) to a manageable level, but it is always there and I am never "normal." Night right before bed and I take my nightly Lexapro is usually my best time. I know some people have taken longer than 6 1/2 weeks on Lexapro, but shouldn't I be feeling something positive, not reaching for the Klonopin for the 1st time? Am I experiencing a low level serotonin syndrome (Side effects include anxiety, insomnia (early waking), shaking in legs, arms and hands, dry/tired eyes, burning sensation on skin, loose stools. None have gone away, except for maybe recently the loose stools, but I have thought that before and they come back...TMI)? It is hard to persevere cause I feel maybe if I would have just exercised more (I had let this slip, and was on a weird Keto Diet), and let summer come, I would have been fine. I wasn't THAT bad before and it is just not getting better. My wife and my kids need their Husband/Dad back! I meet with my P-Doc on Friday, what should I do? Stick with the 10mgs with Klonopin? Try to go down to 5 as maybe 10 is too much (I only weigh 185lbs now so maybe i don't need a "therapeutic dose")? Go up to 15 or 20mgs? Titerate off and get a new baseline for a few months to see where I really am? Try something else (why are the SSRIs doing this to me when Zoloft worked so great for so long)? I would desperately welcome any advice! These last 3 months have been the most anxiety ridden, worst of my life (WAY worse than my 1st episode that I struggled through for a year and a half) and have made it really hard to see the end and a bright future again. THANKS IN ADVANCE TO ANYONE WHO TAKES THE TIME TO READ THIS NOVEL AND REPLY!!!
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