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  1. Hi @chumly, I'm really sorry that you're having a hard time dealing with this and feeling like you're being rejected. Rejection NEVER feels good and from my experience I always seem to overthink it. From my experience, both in your shoes and his; I feel like he's just being truthful and giving you a valid explanation as to what is going on. If you two connected on a friends level, it's possible he feels like he at least owes you that, other than just giving you some BS excuse. I date on the internet as well, gives me the time and space to date at my pace and I have even told guys something similar to what he told you. It wasn't to throw it in his face, but to give him a truthful explanation. I feel like this guy has integrity, cause he could've BS'd you and strung you along, but he was honest, up front and gave you his expectations if you two were to proceed with a friendship. In my opinion what he said is very admirable. I have been in a situation where I was strung along, the expectation wasn't set and I was upset because if he would've just told me the truth, I wouldn't have gotten hurt. I would've been happy for him and did my own thing. That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but it is my perspective based on my experiences. I hope it helps a little.
  2. If I exercise regularly, I don't need my antidepressants, but I go in spurts, haha. I get bored of it. But yes, there is a crash for me as well, so I always worked out at night so I had a good nights sleep.
  3. Hi @SteveW Welcome to DF! I'm so sorry that you're going through this and have been battling it for so many years. I suffer from depression as well, it's comes in "flares", often times crippling me. I take medication and go to counseling, between the two I can manage pretty well. I also try to stick to a workout routine, that elevates my mood and of course trying to stay on a clean eating regimen. I'm very sensitive to some foods, after eating spaghetti (or any kind of pasta really) after a short period of time after consuming my mood shifts and I tend to get very down, same with any greasy food, i.e., fast food. I'm really sorry to hear about your mom, I can't imagine what you're going through. I'm happy to hear that you seem to have a good support system with your spouse and daughter, that's great news. I think you took your first big step, which is coming here and willing to talk about what you're going through, so kudos to you! To me, writing is very therapeutic. There's a lot of people here that enjoying helping and will give advise based on their experiences. I hope this helps a little - Jenn
  4. Thank you everyone, and quotes and saying aren’t for everyone @werise55 and I’m okay with that. It definitely lifts my spirits. And like @surfcaster stated.... if one person out of this whole site l/forum reads this post and gets some happiness or feeling more positive than they were before they read it, then that makes me pretty darn important. I just made an impact on someone life. That means a lot to me. Again, not everyone is like that though. XXOO
  5. Thank you dear, its actually the + sign next to the quote button. For when you want to use it next time, lol
  6. Dear whoever is reading this, You're incredible even when you feel you're not. You might feel lost now, but great things are coming your way. You're stronger than you think, and have a lot to accomplish, don't give up. Remember, you matter and you're not alone.
  7. I saw this and thought I'd share. I had another VERY rough night last night, but i'm feeling better today, just a little tired, but I got up, got ready and I'm currently sitting at work starting my day off. Taken from the book Who Says You Can't Do You: (a little modified to fit the post) "I, Jennifer, declare that I must master my life in every area. I will never settle for life that is less than what I know I deserve. I have had enough experience to know one side of life, and now it's my time to shine. I will commit to myself to enrich the quality of my life from what it is now. I will persist under any circumstances, which will empower me forever. I will not leave any task undone, relentlessly work to empower my life, and push beyond my known limits. I AM RESPONSIBLE for shaping my destiny. I understand the only way to real success is by having a great State of Mind, and I'm willing to vigorously work to create and enhance it. I am ready to LIVE MY LIFE in a never ending cycle of self-growth and use the unlimited power within my being. I AM READY TO ATTAIN A BURNING DESIRE, COMPELLING VISIONS, AND A PASSION FOR LIFE THAT SITS WELL ABOVE ALL ELSE."
  8. @AF2018, wow. You were spot on with everything. The new relationship, yes; way too soon. And thank you for seeing it how it really is. Sometimes it's hard to ask friends and loved ones because they're biased to me and that doesn't help the bottom line truth. You are SO SO SO insightful and intelligent! I love that you took the time to break it down for me, I can be very hard on myself and yes- when something goes wrong I turn in and think to myself, "What did I do wrong because I want to learn and grow and not repeat it in my next relationship". People that are in complete denial and blame others drive me nuts, so maybe I overcompensate to achieve something that I strive not to become. Thank you for responding, I mean it more than I could say.
  9. OMG, you're a doll, thank you! I'm rooting for us as well! Thank you so much!
  10. I get like this sometimes with my counselor, but I know if I do open up and just let it out I leave the appointment feeling soooo amazing. It's soooooooooooooo hard for me, I can be pretty stubborn, but it's worth it. Sometimes I even cry myself through it. But otherwise, like you; somethings work for me at times and other times they don't
  11. I can't only fake it for so long before I feel overly exhausted for putting on a show, but thats awesome it works for you.
  12. Same! I usually light a candle and shut the lights off... all the stimulation, but feeling relaxed all at the same time. I find it sooooooo nice.
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