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  1. I have a daughter from my previous marriage. My current wife want me nothing to do with my daughter, she never saw her. We got married while I was abroad. Few days back I raised the issue, saying I would like to see my daughter, she flipped totally. she screamed yesterday. She is not eating any food. Yesterday she said she could not take it any more and grabbed a serated knife and sliced her hand, she then went ahead and grabbed a kitchen knife to slice her hand, I grabbed it, I would have cut my hands in the process. I wanted to call 911 and call cops. I do not know what to do, she does not understand, she is possessive of me and want me all to herself. What to do guys should I just divorce her and move on, I love her but this is too much. I went and met a psychologist she said, my wife has to get therapy. My wife does not agree to therapy or anything else. We have no other problem than this issue about seeing my daughter. I could not get in to her head and understand.
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