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  1. Is it normal to have anxiety when upping your paxil dosage ? Or do you just get side effects when first starting a medication ?
  2. Thank you for the reply i really appreciate it!!
  3. I suffer from anxiety, depression and ocd and heads up i am 19 weeks pregnant so it makes this a little more frightening for me. For the past week and a half i have been in unable to think about anything besides my breathing which is making it hard to feel like i can breath correctly. I have seen that this is possibly chronic hyperventilation. I have tried breathing training but that just makes me think about it more and puts me into a panic. i have never actually had a panic attack. I dont know which is better to focus on correct breathing or distraction? IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE. It is such a vicious cycle and i dont know how to stop it. I have had this happen to me in the past (years ago) for a few days but never this long and i dont remember it being this bad. I used to be able to distract myself but i cant seem to do that this time at all. literally no matter what i do im still thinking about my breathing. It could be that i cant take as much medication or the medication that i want right now due to being pregnant, i dont know. I try to look stuff up to make me feel better and not alone but then i come across people that say that they have had it for years and makes me even more scared. I'm not scared that i won't be able to breath, I'm scared i won't be able to stop thinking about it and continue have such unsatisfying breaths. It makes me so on edge. I did go to the ER to make sure nothing serious was going on because of being pregnant but i knew deep down it is because of my mind and nothing else. I was on paxil before getting pregnant which did wonders for me but i new paxil was not good to be on while pregnant and switched to 50mg of zoloft ( i knew from past experiences that i could not not be on something for me and my babies well being ). Is distraction the best way to get rid of thing? I need help and need to know if this will ever leave my mind and go away :/ Its the first thing that pops into my head when i wake up and sets me up for failure right away. How am suppose to just wake up and not think about it now that its so ingrained in my mind at this point?
  4. I was on paxil for 4 years before tapering off for 8 months due to wanting to become pregnant. After being off for a few weeks I lost it and became really depressed so my doctor tried me on lexapro but I hated it. My question is will I have side effects from paxil because iv been off of it for at least a month and a half ? I don't remember what kind of side effects I had back in the day. I just want to start where I left off with it :( im worried too because the doctor told me to just stop lexapro and go back to paxil so idk if I'm going to get withdrawals and side effects
  5. I have been on paxil for 4 years I'd say and it changed my life! I have been tapering off for 8 months because I'm trying to get pregnant soon. A few weeks after I was completely off it I fell into a deep depression and my doctor put me on lexapro which I couldn't handle the side effects. Before starting paxil a few years back I my vision was real funky I guess depersonalization and paxil help with it. After being on lexapro i feel like I'm back in that fog and I can't handle it. I'm starting back on paxil tonight and am worried it won't work like it did before or fix my vision problem. I don't remember if I had side effects back when I first started it. I wish I would just start where it left off :(
  6. Hi I was previously on paxil for at least 3 years and it did wonders for me ( paxil and Wellbutrin ) I never felt better but I have been weaning off of the paxil for at least 6 months due to wanting to wanting to try to get pregnant. I know that paxil is a bad one to be on while pregnant. Anyways a month after being completely off paxil I must have had a trigger and fell hard into depression. I have been on lexapro for about two weeks. I started at 10 mg but it made me really jittery, my heart felt like it was pounding and I had insomnia. I went down to 5 mg (6 days in) for one day then my doctor switched me to Zoloft 25mg but I only took that one day because I didn't feel like I gave lexapro a good shot. Next night I went back to 5 mg of lexapro ( about 3 days ago ) now my side effects are different. My eyes are super heavy and my vision is a little disoriented:( I'm not sure if I should keep going with it or try something else. My wedding is in 2 months and I'm so scared I won't be ok by then. I haven't been able to leave the house for weeks :( the vision (out of it) is the worst part for me and I'm scared it won't go away.
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