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    Aspiring Author, I love Art & Design, Nature and I play Video Games in my spare time.

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  1. I've been working on my art and learning guitar to try and take my mind off of things recently, video games always help but sometimes they can be stressful too.

    Sometimes I think it's better to just not do anything, to just lay down and think things over, sort of like a half meditation. But then the dark thoughts slowly invade my psyche and I revert back to my depressed old self again, I just wish there was someone I could talk to.

    1. JD4010


      I hear ya. I need to get my mind into something again. I read a lot, but I need a hobby of some sort. Maybe this is the year I'll finally become a storm chaser! My brother and I used to do that when we lived on the farm out on the plains.

    2. SarahAshwood


      That sounds amazing! Not directly related but I always wanted to try meteor hunting, it looks like such a fun hobby!

    3. JD4010


      Yeah, meteor hunting would be fun as well. I'm kind of a rock-hound anyway.

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