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  1. ....and by the way "mutevariations" I also noticed recurring cycles, my worst times begin around Septemper and the worst luck don't start to wane till after my birthday in March, it does not mean things get well, just a little respid from all the chaos.
  2. I'm going to ask my mom about my birth because I definitely understand lonesome cowboy and what he intelligently called "Bad luck syndrome " does exists and I'm the poster child for it.
  3. No, I do not go from dad to happy in days, it happens to me in minutes time!
  4. To lonesome cowboy, I really hope we could talk, until I saw your posting I thought I was the only one with this problem and yes "Bad Luck Syndrome " is the perfect name. I never knew how to express or write my feelings but you explained my whole life verbatim. I suffer from un-explained physical painful issues that can never find the cause and dissappear the same way they came, I've gone to doctors but the only explanation I get is that is stress related, I don't know when you have a pain in your toes like u have a broken bone but X-rays don't show anything . I also been trying to pinpoint when it all started. People including mom, tell me don't worry your luck will change, my response is I hope so, I have been waiting 57 years and I just turned 60. I have 2 cars but both have problems that no mechanic can figure out , 4 mechanics including the Honda dealer who needed an extra hour to tell me that I needed the motor re-build when the other mechanics including me know that's not the problem.
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