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    Thank you Epictetus. I appreciate your kind words!
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    Hi! I'm new to the boards and just hoping to find a place to be able to express my true feelings and find some support. No one understands my depression or that it can even be so severe. It makes me feel that much more pathetic when they just think I should be able to snap out of it. I'm 28 and should be so excited about life, but I find almost every day unbearable and don't know how I can even continue to go on. I've suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life and have managed to push away most of the people who have ever cared about me away. No one wants to be around someone like that, and I don't blame them. This is such a lonely place to be. I really wonder what my life would have been like if it weren't for the depression... I am so jealous of people who have never had to deal with mental illness.