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  1. Amy1984


    How many people are content with their depression and how many people feel there is a breakthrough coming? Honest please
  2. Wow. We need to cherish the present. Don't think or dwell too much on our past horrors. Just enjoy the time we do have. Stay peaceful good people.
  3. Im taking Seroquel and Prozac. The Seroquel is a miracle drug and Prozac is ok. I just keep tell them to give me something that works instantly or faster. Once i feel my depression setting in there's no stopping it. PERIOD
  4. Anything is better than those rollercoaster rides of emotions. What meds are you on.
  5. I gotta take my seroquel (my magic pill). Gn good people. Stay strong
  6. I second that. If anyone need my deposit info just holla. Lol i dont need a million just a few thousand. Tired of living check to check
  7. What do you guys feel can change the endless loops of this misery.
  8. Wow that does sounds exciting.
  9. Oh where do u work? Thinking about the paycheck is the only motivation i have at times of bordom.
  10. Yesss. I dont have much. But i will split this joint with u. It's not much but it's helping until i get more meds. Lol
  11. Great!!!! Send some of that enjoyment my way lol.
  12. Amy1984

    Just a idea

    I was thing of starting a YouTube vlogging channel....
  13. Just wondering, how's your life going at this moment?
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