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  1. Wow, i read ur post, and it was like me ,writing. I dont have any advice, but i can tell u that u are not alone. You are not the only one that feels, like this. I too am exactly like u. And it is extremely difficult to think other wise when our truth is just that.,, broken, insecure, and in full desire to have love all at tree same time. But i have found a way to keep on keeping on,, never stop believing in what u really desire,, which is, to be loved and in love.
  2. Even though he tells me he loves me, even though we wake up everyday next to eachother,,i still feel so alone, im so afraid to trust even though im so in love with him.
  3. Some days i feel better and think that i can trust but then the moment i start to enjoy that feeling of NoT wondering so much,,it happens. Chest is tight, air is scarce, and my stomach is twisting into knots. Sleep these days is more like im just in a deep trance..hate feeling this way,,although it beats feeling numb,, which at times is unbearable.
  4. Heart is confused, mind is restless.. just reaching out bc im at a point where i dont want to continue feeling this way anymore. My first time on a forum. First time speaking up.
  5. First timer on a forum. Heart is so confused mind is so restless...  trust issues are the worst thing that has ever happened to me. 

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