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  1. The news makes it feel like the world is ending every other day . There’s not catching our breathes. It feels like 2020 sequel
  2. I lost 25 pounds this year. Since April to now. But it was only done because my new job that I started in April has me on my feet all day running around. So I worry that once I quit it will all come back . I need to change my diet to keep it off outside of exercise but it’s hard finding healthy food I Enjoy
  3. It’s honestly just depressing to think how much of our lives is dedicated to working. Most of our weeks/days are spent at work. Then that’s it we die. It doesn’t seem normal that that’s the system we live in. When the majority of our life is spent at work the environment truly matters.
  4. Wow did you go back after that ? What did they say ? Yeah I feel like that’s pretty much what I did lol it worked for the most part
  5. @Evergreenforst4 Thank you !! this was a much needed reassuring reply! the supervisor my sibling texted she really is really kind and understanding with us from the start. We are good workers so she likes our work. But I’m just scared of what the other supervisor and the main Boss our Manager is thinking I feel like the manager was and is probably the most offended by it because it is bad to just say I quit. Especially since the company is so busy right now and my sibling position is an important one that lacked staff. I regret sending that text message to the other guy supervisor informing we had to quit since the girl supervisor my sibling texted was keeping it to herself for the time being to see if my sibling changed his mind then all of a sudden the guy supervisor I texted informed everyone that we quit. It just seems so dramatic and like a mess this happened Sunday/Monday and we haven’t been there for two days. but yeah you’re right. We really need a healthy way to blow off steam and not make work worse for each other then it already is. My sibling is still thinking he might quit after a month.
  6. I’m extremely Anxious and worried about going back to work tomorrow . My sibling and I started working together around the start of the pandemic and it has been a rocky road. On Sunday we had worked a full shift when we got into an argument and my brother got angry and enraged then had a panic attack. (All after work in the car ) when we got home he texted our supervisor that he Quits the company. Thus leaves me to quit as well since the job is over an hour drive and he was my ride. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t have the phone number of the supervisor he texted. I only had the one of a different one and our parent suggested I texted the other supervisor informing how my sibling had quit and that I’m sorry but that I had to quit as well since I had no means of transportation . He was shocked as he was unaware that my sibling had quit. He said he understood and would pass on the message to the rest of the supervisor and our Manager. Apparently the supervisor my sibling talked to never let anyone know my sibling quit because they wanted to give my sibling the chance to rethink his decision. I didn’t know that was the case as my brother was not talking to me and he just said he texted his supervisor that he quit l. Now after my sibling calmed down and talked to HR we are going back to work after two days of “quitting “ and I just feel so embarrassed and unwelcomed there now I just feel like I lost all respect of the manger and supervisor that I worked so hard to get . They said it was really wrong for us to say we quit with no explanation:( and their right. But it’s not like we can say hey it’s our mental issues that flare up and made my sibling made a hasty decision. agh idk how to act or what to tell my supervisor and manager to make things ok and not look so bad I already have so many coworkers there bothering us and We don’t need the higher ups against us too they were the only ones we had
  7. Extremely anxious:( work has been making my mental and physical health worse. Worst part is that I can’t afford to quit. I missed today to rest. But now I’m going in again tomorrow and I’m hoping I make it through the day
  8. I've been having a lot of issues at work myself. It sucks to gear you're having a hard time yourself. Work takes up a lot of our time in life so when it's bad it's hard to just ignore it . i know you said you already asked them what your mistakes were but maybe try to to take them aside and have a talk with them and say "Hey I know I've been making a lot of mistakes but i really want to do better for the team so if there's anything i can improve on I would really appreciate you guys telling me how to correct ny mistakes so i won't repeat them in the future " How long have you been at this job ? Is it a new position ?
  9. yes ! I think about this a lot . my brother who's gay has always said that as well . crazy how the media seems to make it out like its a progressive thing thats not an issue anymore or not as big of an issue but thats just Not the reality a lot of us live in
  10. Thank you so much for this message a lot of love and acceptance here
  11. Feeling frustrated . Just got a new job and the work is hell and the people are worse . I dont understand why some people at jobs make it a mission to complain and bother others
  12. I'm on the same boat in terms of never really having much luck with medication. However I really do hope that scientists do continue to improve and develop medications that will help many people live as normally and peacefully as possible. Theres many mental health issues that do need medication and Like your friend says medication continues to advance and improve and I hope it improves soon enough to help more people. I think most of us are just craving a little stability sometimes. I think im hopefully the medication will improve at least for others sake!
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