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  1. Its totally normal to want attention especially when you're depressed. Depression requires attention! However there are somethings you say here that are concerning "I don't want to get better until people know that i have issues and show that they care about me by helping me with them." No one can fix your issues but yourself and you cant expect others to go trough the steps of getting better with you trough each step. It has to come from you. You said it well its not realistic to expect anyone to be there 24/7 . Everyone has problems that their hiding. If you feel horrible and you say no one near you knows can you imagine how many other people in you life are also suffering in silence ? or better yet imagine youre in this state of depression and needing help and your friend or family or partner expects you to be there for them 24/7 and listen to their personal problems and help them solve their issues without little to no attention to your own issues . Its really important to learn to deal with these issues primarily by ourselves. We all need the love and support but ultimately when were in these situations we sometimes want way more help and attention most people can give because everyone has their own issues they need their attention to give towards to. I think seeking a therapist is a great idea! Give talk therapy a try. it will help you a lot. You can also open up to your friends about it and you can all talk about each others problems and relate to the fact that life gets hard for everyone. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon and that you find people that can help support you and love you in any way they can .
  2. I dont think you're selfish or "ungrateful" for feeling the way you do. Just because he doesn't abuse you physically or mentally and provides for the family doesn't mean that you should love him romantically. Sounds like you care for him deeply. Have you tried sharing your feelings with him in a none confrontational way ? Maybe if you come to him in a open and vulnerable matter he can see that you guys have a lot to work out and you both can work it out together. it sounds like theres no much communication and that always fails a relationships especially marriages when partners dont feel like they can openly express themselves and voice their concerns. These issues can 100% get better and your marriage can improve but only if you guys try to address these issues together otherwise its not going to work and youre going to feel resentment towards them. I seriously wish you the best! and I hope you guys are able to work it out somehow :)
  3. Am I allowed to be depressed?

    Depression never asks. Its not selective or prejudice it takes over whoever it wants so yes you can feel depressed. its ok to not feel ok. we all have our own battles in your life and life is just hard in general. also whoever told you those nasty things are horrible! You are not the problem clearly they are for thinking and saying such absurd things. But promise not everyone is jerk like that. I also dont think you should feel ashamed for still living at home. Im 23 and I also still live at home. People with siblings argue a lot and feel lonely I can imagine how difficult it can be being the only child. I hope this place can help you in some way and you can come here and vent and be heard :)
  4. Anyone up for a chat?

    No way im always on there lol quite a few people frequent it . Its usually the same ones that do though. I think its because people go on it and if they dont see anyone there they leave right away. But if you wait around a little and its reasonable hour youll most likely find someone there to chat with
  5. Good luck!!!! hoping for the best!
  6. why am i still awake
  7. This is difficult stuff to deal with!! its hard to deal with family pressuring us into doing what they want. BUT ! Trust me you should do what you want. stay in your home town and relax and study for that test where you want to. do it in my home country if thats what YOU want . Just think that youll do better feeling more comfortable there and your parents will be happy when you past the test with better marks. Dont let your family make these big life decisions for you especially if finacially their secure dont let the dictate your decisions. I know that its easier said then down because I grew up in a conservative family and im 23 and my parents always tell me what to do career wise and Im just learning that I need to make my own decisions. Parents will always think they know whats right and really they do just want the best for you but once you show them that you are capable of making your own decisions and succeed by your own merit then theyll start to back of a little. Good luck!! I hope you do well on your second try and please dont late your family pressure ruin this for you. Your life is yours too live and know that if they look disappointing its ok its a parent thing lol they will always love you.
  8. wow when I read the title I just thought about a regular school test lol.. this is rough stuff to deal with but the fact that you came out good from not just one but TWO test is a really good sign!!! Im sure the third one will go a long with the first two tests! I dont know many that can stay calm awaiting such news but Im wishing you all the best! and again I think your first two test are seating you up for some good results! :) keep us posted!
  9. Binge Eating

    Ive been struggling with binge eating for a while and now its gotten really bad :( I just wanna be healthy again
  10. You are definitely NOT beyond help! our 20's can feel like an extension of our teen years and its time period where a lot people feel self conscious and anxious all the time naturallly add some depression in and it makes 10x harder and more intense . Im 23 and Im in college too and im actually in the middle of doing a complete 360 in terms of my career path. I also still have a couple more years till I graduate. Everything youve stated is not uncommon at all! I think you can get past this if you want its just going to take time. dont feel bad about enjoying the artist songs! many Hollywood people are wicked beings but nonetheless doesn't stop us from enjoying their work. if you want to find things YOU enjoy, your best bet is trying out things that you think you would like and interest you and what others tell you to like and be interested in.
  11. Attempt to return to college.

    I say be open to them about it ! Id be be more closed off it was classmates asking but since its officials I think it would be helpful to simply tell them how you were fresh out of high school when you went to go college and the stress got to you and you battled some depression. But then tell them that youre not a teen out of high school anymore youre an adult thats learned to deal with it and is now better at assing such problems. I think they would understand since they hear about these casses all the time. Its just about telling them what you told us that youre in a better head space to deal with college and you feel confident in your abilitys to move foward with the enrollment and all the work it has to offer :) good luck ! I really hope your college experience goes well! and good for you for giving it another go!
  12. Hi pazza! Im glad you joined the forum. Hopefully venting here will you feel a little less anxious. I think Eileen pretty much sums it all up well!! I think finding a good theraphist can be helpful and maybe finding what triggered you to start having really bad anxiety like this. It could just be work because being a nurse is not an easy job. so maybe you just need extra care right now. whatever it is im glad you are paying attention to it and I hope you get better soon!
  13. Help Coping

    Taking a hot bath helps me relax. I just fill the bathtub with hot water and lay there. It helps me clear my mind and restart whatever I was doing.