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  1. June322

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Been feeling really angry and frustrated lately . Angry especially at myself seems like all the sadness ive felt has been turning more into anger and I hate it
  2. June322

    Anger Issues tied with depression ?

    You understand me perfectly on this evalyn! It really sucks because I dont know how to control it. I feel like a shaken up bottle of soda sometimes ready to explode. I hate that im so reactive but i feel like if i dont let the anger out it builts but every time I get mad I feel so bad about it especially when I get mad at my mom for the stupidest things I agree its like the feelings of hopelessness turn more into anger and to be honest makes me feel more lost because I feel like an unbearable monster
  3. It seems like ive seen a few posts on this. But does anyone else seem to struggle with their Anger along side with their depression and anxiety? I think I almost hate My anger issues more then my depression and anxiety because it make me a hard person to deal with and live with it I would hate to be around someone like me and have to live with me. I seem to be getting more and more ticked off easily lately and have been really battling anger issues. Does anyone else struggle with this ? helpful tips/stories ? It seems to run in my family too as my brother has even more worse anger issues then me to the point I just stay in my room 99% of the time to avoid issues. But again im not any better seems like a common side effect of Depression and anxiety ...maybe its all the the bottled up emotions ..idk ..
  4. Me too I share that same fear I have had some traumas in my life from 15+ years a go and they still haunt me to this day and they sometimes flash before me. I cant imagine seeing something like that in person at this age since im not a very strong person. I think he should see a theraphist too ! he has said that he is looking for one and I belive he might have an appointment already! thank you for your kind words and im to hear you found a good theraphist
  5. Thank you so much! for your kind words! and yes the link would be helpful!
  6. Thank you for that suggestion! I have had mixed experiences with that but Also really good ones! There was a time the church by my house helped me get through a really rough patch. However my brother is Gay and has had bad experiences with Churches so he doesnt feel comfortable going to them especially not for that
  7. My sibling has had it rough lately. Well more like his entire life has been pretty rough to deal with but he has always had the will and strength to continue and be proactive. Today however was complete nightmare as it started with his car breaking down then having to use his Bike to get to work then coming out and seeing his bike stolen. Now he went home and he said he was in his room just relaxing when he hears a sound that sounded like a firework and he looks out at the window and as he does he sees a man in his yard under a tree and he sees him slump down and his eyes roll back and he ran downstairs and his roommate ran down too and they just opened the door and quickly closed it and the roommate told him not to go out because there was a lot of Blood Everywhere . My brother call 911 and couldnt even complete the call so his rommate took over. The police came and they asked some question and he just called me crying and shaking telling me the whole story. Now im just worried and scared because I dont know how to help him get through this trauma. He has been suicidal himself and has battled with thoughts of ending his own life. He has had depression , anxiety and dissociation and his whole life and now he just witness and made sho ot himself in the head . Idk what to do for him or what to say. He just kept asking me "Why did this have to happen in my yard ??? why couldnt I stop it ??? why did I have to see that ??? why did do it here " and he cried some more. I ofcouse think he should see a theraphist but has tried to see one but it didnt work out and hasnt had any luck finding a theraphist in his area. It sucks because we live in two different states so I cant even be there for him to console him
  8. Heak yes! I think especially when someone has depression were used to isolating ourselves and not really putting ourselves out there because of the depression and anxiety and when we do put ourselves out there and were faced with Rejection it really hits us hard! I think we take it as a greater blow then most since other "normal" people know that rejection is normal and it happens because their used to having rejections and some success but for us to not put ourselves out there and when we do we get rejected it just hurts a little more
  9. June322

    not sure

    I think you should definitely not be afraid to reach out to your love ones! A lot of people struggle with this stuff and you never know if someone in your circle is or has gone through the same thing and Could be a great support system for you. No one can save you only you can do that but having the support of love ones and knowing youre not alone helps with the process . Its not good getting used to being so isolated i would know ..
  10. June322

    I hate being black

    Girl are you kidding me !!! Im not black But Im current in college and have taken many history and music classes ect and Black people have created so many damn amazing things!! Black people have basically created every genre of music that exist. Almost all music comes from some form of black people creating it but of course because of slavery and Racism black people would not get credit for it. Please do not feel this when black people are the source and core of a lot of our culture in America and so many artist wish they could have come from ancestors that had so much talent !!! You are amazing and your roots are truly amazing !!! You need to dive deeper into your research because you are missing a lot of wonderful things from your culture and ancestors! and Again im not being bias at all because im not black im Hispanic . Im just so sad reading this and its ironic because the other day I left my music/history class thinking "Man black people created basically everything" lol and here I am now reading this nooo do not let the media and bias research make you believe this bs!
  11. I definitely think its odd . I dont think people should be texting their ex and the fact that he had that comfortable reaction and called her something like that , that is usually an affection name he uses for you seems off putting Idk I feel like your bf has given so many warning signs and you seem to always put all the blame on yourself and you seemed trained to put all the blame on your "insecurities" but i think boyfriend seems like he has a lot to do with it!
  12. June322

    Post your day in 1 word.

  13. Then I was not referring to you then. But hey if the shoe fits