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  1. June322

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    scared and nervous
  2. June322

    Keeping my sanity

    Im so glad that this place has helped you!! You have made some helpful replies as well! I hope you come back and you know this is a place where you can vent all your frustrations and issues whenever you want!
  3. Update I did go with my mom. But im not sure if going made things worse or not. I get into argument with them when they started screaming and disrespecting my mom and I couldnt just stand there and watch. Nothing physical happened just screaming but my mom managed to calm us all down. But the lady had threathen us and said "If I want her I can stay here rent free for 5 months ! " and she is right like i said the law here protects them. The guy is also I believe was part of a gang. Also to top it off their daughter was there and I didnt even notice her until mid argument and they send her to their room. Shes like 10 years old. When we left my mom said that we cant get at their level of aggression even if they scream at us and disrespect us we have to becareful because in cout they can easily say we went to harass them and tell their daughter to tell them we were the problem . Agh. Anyways we didnt get the Rent from them because they said they might leave soon but its honestly all unclear. My mom managed to calm them down but only time will tell : ( tomorrow they are supposedly going to call us to see whats going to happen. Im scared that me screaming at them back will make them take vengeance and theyll live there for free and legally there is nothing we can do about it except go to court and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars and basically buying them more time to stay there. God forbid. Hoping for the ultimate best
  4. The laws here for landlords and tenants suck! they are horrible at least for the landlords they are horrible. The law automatically protects the tenants and the legal process is actually something they enjoy because that means they can stay in the apartment for FREE during the whole process and it takes a minimum of 6 months plus we have to pay for court visits and pay for legal documents. On top of that once they leave they dont have to pay us anything back its trully a mess. Im glad you got your situation under control ! and I appreciate the feedback!
  5. I know thats what I was thinking that a Guy should go instead but really we dont have anyone my brother that lives with us is extremely unstable so he is out. The other that are ok live out of state. We have thought of selling the house but there is a lot of legal and family reasons why we havent been able to sell the house. Sadly here where I live the process of getting evicted is complete Hell. I have been through that process before and know our rights as landlord and we basically dont have any :[ . The whole eviction process takes MONTHS and that entire time is just a lot of waiting all while they stay at the apartment rent free. Idk why the legal system is like that here and why it protects people in that position but it sucks. Thank you for your very kind words ! they are appreciated and so are your prayers
  6. Thank you!!! But I think I gave the wrong impression about how my mom is handling all of this. She is doing everything she can. We sadly do know all of our legal rights because we have been thought this in the past we have consulted legal experts and unfortunately where we live the law is not on our side when it comes to landlord / tenanats situations. Even when they are in the wrong landlord still get the short end of the stick. Basically all we can do is take them to court and that is a long expensive process that takes a minimum of 6 months and during that time we have to pay legal fees and they can live in the apartment for FREE . But nonetheless im hoping it does not get to that point . Thank you again for your reply
  7. Youre not all ears lol You already stated your opinion and said youre not changing.
  8. Im not going to reply with my original thought since we clearly disagree 100% and its just going to be an unnecessary back and forth with no real progress. You obviously are living your personal truth and decided already how its personally going to be for you so best of luck to you!
  9. June322

    I want to move out so bad

    Give yourself some credit ! and stop pressuring yourself! Girl you just graduated and are 18! Youre not going to have it all figured out yet its a process. You will find a job! it sounds like you are at least looking and are trying to learn how to drive and those are the most important things. As long you are taking the necessary steps you shouldnt pressure yourself to get everything right away. Idk but usually its always after graduating that we seem to have the most pressure to figure everything out and just get a job right away and start moving when it doesnt work that way. it takes time . Dont let others or the pressure of time make hasty decisions
  10. June322

    I want to move out so bad

    18 is still so very young! I dont think it would be bad if you necessarily moved out right now but it just doesnt sound like you are ready quite yet. The boyfriend thing might be clouting your judgement as well . Im sorry though Because I do understand how you might feel suffocated at the times but it does sound like your parents love you and they just dont understand what you're going through. But I say definetly dont rush things and make yourself your main priority and see what you can do for yourself while living at home. Moving out is different type of harsh reality that brings forth another set of issues to deal with
  11. June322

    My story

    Oh my gosh Im so sorry! Thats a lot to deal with. Its no Wonder you feel so low childhood trauma is the worst! I would know when so much happens to us when were children and we have absent parents it obviously seeps into our adulthood and its harder for us to deal with. Definitely dont ignore it though! and dont drown your pain in alcohol please! I know its so hard because really none of that was your fault and you were a victim of selfish bad parenting. You sound like you carry so much trauma with you that you've never been able to get it out . Have you talked to someone about all this before ? have you sleeked any forms of help to help you get trough your past traumas ?
  12. June322

    I want to move out so bad

    I feel you! Home should be a save haven for us and if we cant feel comfortable in our own home and feel constantly judged it doesnt help. I do think though when were depressed and young theres always taht angsty feeling of wanting to get away from our parents. and he is right you do need to get a job and think realistically how youd be able to do it. How old are you ? if youre still in your teens i think it would be best to stick around longer and find a way to make home a comfortable space at least if you have your own room that can help and going to a local Library to get some peace and quiet can help as well . Unless your parents are being really abusive then definitely go but if not it could just be a lack of communication
  13. June322

    blew up

    Everyone can is equally a burden! dont sweat it. Trust me we all can be a "Burden" but we all bring forth benefits too . I live with my mom and brother and I swear I feel like A burden a lot and then sometimes I feel like their a burden and im sure its vice versa too. But youre not a bad person for needing support and your own space to grow
  14. June322

    blew up

    Have you looked online ? people are always looking for roommates online! why do you feel like a bad person ??
  15. Its fine I dont agree with you at all either so it just goes to show neither of us are right or wrong and it really does come down to your own PERSONAL interpretation and perspective on those things. But your attitude and perspective says it all the way you think is obviously not going to help at all. But if you think nothing will ever work for you then that is indeed 100% your personal truth.