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  1. I've been having a lot of issues at work myself. It sucks to gear you're having a hard time yourself. Work takes up a lot of our time in life so when it's bad it's hard to just ignore it . i know you said you already asked them what your mistakes were but maybe try to to take them aside and have a talk with them and say "Hey I know I've been making a lot of mistakes but i really want to do better for the team so if there's anything i can improve on I would really appreciate you guys telling me how to correct ny mistakes so i won't repeat them in the future " How long have you been at this job ? Is it a new position ?
  2. yes ! I think about this a lot . my brother who's gay has always said that as well . crazy how the media seems to make it out like its a progressive thing thats not an issue anymore or not as big of an issue but thats just Not the reality a lot of us live in 😕
  3. Thank you so much for this message a lot of love and acceptance here 💕😭
  4. Feeling frustrated 😞 . Just got a new job and the work is hell and the people are worse . I dont understand why some people at jobs make it a mission to complain and bother others
  5. I'm on the same boat in terms of never really having much luck with medication. However I really do hope that scientists do continue to improve and develop medications that will help many people live as normally and peacefully as possible. Theres many mental health issues that do need medication and Like your friend says medication continues to advance and improve and I hope it improves soon enough to help more people. I think most of us are just craving a little stability sometimes. I think im hopefully the medication will improve at least for others sake!
  6. It's interesting how sexuality seems to be more accepted now then ever before yet I still feel absolutely disgusted with myself for having feelings for people of the same sex. I rolls my eyes sometimes when I see a celebrity coming out as Bisexual yet I cant even have the self acceptance for myself to be comfortable in who I like. I literally cry just thinking that my mom would find out that I like girls too. I wish I can only like guys or just not like anyone at all. My brother is Gay and my mom sobbed when he came out of the closet and my mom still seems to hold out hope that he would end up with a girl even though hes gay. I really dont get why this has to be such a big deal . Just why .. It ask myself why its such a big deal and tell myself its not but truth is I know that my family is homophibic and that it would hurt my mom if she found out. I cant seem to live my life in a way that I can simply say "screw her an the rest of my family thoughts" because I do care. Idk something happened that triggered this today and I just wanted to vent about it. I know its probably not a big deal compared to others things. and truly I can live my life in the closet for ever anyways. Thanks if you read this and I hope you guys are all doing ok
  7. im so sorry to hear that :( if you ever want to expand on your situation please feel free to do so here. It sometimes helps to vent about it here im also not doing so well in my current living situation.Things were already not well but because of this pandemic things got 10x worse. these past two days I have woken up with some really bad chest pains. I know its probably anxiety of everything happening in the world and at home. I really am just wishing the best for us all
  8. you shouldn't apologize for your "outburst" you're venting and honestly that's a big part of what this website is here for. Life was already not great for many of us and right now with everything going on its just made everything seem less hopeful. Venting about it here helps a little in my opinion. and at least we can all support each other here at least virtually lol
  9. My brother sent me $50 dollars for my birthday yesterday and it felt like a million bucks 😭 Grateful for him caring enough to do that and what that money was able to bring for me ! hope that money goes back to him 10x fold
  10. @Pink603 Truly horrible what your Daughter went through. And what you as a mother are going through right now is also horrible. It's an imaginable pain for both. I honestly think you are doing a Great job! First you immediately believed her and offered your full support. There is quite a few parents that actually would not do that and won't believe their kid and be in denial. You accepting her is a huge help for her recovery. This is such a difficult time for you and your family that there is no one way solution. But I promise she will get better. I was also sexually Abused by my own blood relative when I was a child up until i was 12. I never told my mom because I was scared and didn't want to hurt her. I also had many suicidal thoughts and would cut myself. When I was your daughter age I was at my worst. I didn't know how to reach out. But truly you are doing the best you can. This is just a situation that needs time. Since it hasn't been that long that she told you the trauma is still fresh and it could be as though she's living it all over again. One goes through feelings of shame ,disgust , loneliness ect. As long as you continue to show her unconditional Love and make it be known she is Loved and accepted by you and her loves ones then the road to recovery will be better. It's Great that she is in therapy! That will help a lot. Make sure she likes and trust her theraphist. I had to go through a few until I found the right one. You have so much on your plate right now. It's a lot to deal with and I feel for you so much but don't let yourself believe that you're not doing enough because you are. This is just a extremely difficult situation that's going to take a lot of time and work but your daughter will be ok . Continue to keep us updated. Sometimes it helps to let it all out and you can always message me as well! Sending so much love to you and your daughter and whole family! I just know it will be ok
  11. Feeling extremely sick 😷 a little annoyed because I live with 6 other people in a small apartment and 3 of us are sick and the sickness has been going around 2-3 weeks ! Because when some get better the others get sick. Alas hoping for speedy recovery for my family and me already because we all have work or school we can't miss 🤧
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