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  1. Went to The Gym today and made myself a Green smoothie to get in most of the greens and vegetables I cant stomach on their own
  2. June322

    Lose pounds by xmas eve

    Yayy!! Keep going strong! :)
  3. June322

    Lose pounds by xmas eve

    Ive been going to the Gym these past few days but it hardly makes a difference since I keep eating Junk food like chips and Pizza
  4. June322

    Am I toxic or are others around me toxic

    wow thank you all so much for the replies and your personal insights! they were really helpful and gave me some perspective about my situation . I hope yall are doing ok too :)
  5. June322

    Lose pounds by xmas eve

    I dont even know where to start :( Im at my heaviest Ive ever been and cant seem to stop it . I have to go buy new jeans and I hate buying clothes and looking in the mirror of the changing room :(
  6. How does one even go about finding out if they are the problem or are the people around them the problem. People always advagate to drop toxic friends but how do we know if we picked the wrong friends and their toxic or are we the toxic ones and their just responding to us with the same toxic behavior were giving them :( Ive always had trouble differentiating between good friends and bad. I Have without a doubt have had Best friends done really shitty things to me but so have I ! Im at the point where I only have 3 friends and I have good times with them but sometimes I feel so anxious being around them and just talkin to them makes me feel bad and anxious. We argue a lot . I feel like we argue more then not and we all seem to take jabs at each other . That said I guess the anwsers should be that I should drop them right but its complicated. Just like they have caused me to have bad anxiety they have also been there to ease it. There was once I was having a really bad episode and my friends stayed the night with me calming me down and being there for me when I really needed them the most. But sometimes I just look at our friendship and I feel like were so toxic to eahc other. Im close my sibling and they tell me my friends are horrible and I should find better ones when I tell them some things that they have told me but thats my sibling ! so of course that would be a bias opinion right! Idk . I might just be a horrible toxic person and therefor I attract the worst in people :(
  7. June322

    What Book

    Im going to spam you guys with my thoughts once I start reading these lol
  8. June322

    What Book

    Thanks so much for the suggestions Guys! Ill check them out
  9. I love America so much and Im proud to be American and for that reason Im critical of our system in the same way Parents are critical of their children. Whos the first person to call you out on your bs and tell you to get your shit together..your parents their the first to tell you when to get it together and also the first to comfort when needed and they want the best for you because they know youre capable of doing better. Thats how I feel about America and our Political system too bad some people say its unpatriotic to call America out when they mess up , I think thats wrong.
  10. Exactly! For example Fox and CNN for me BOTH TRASH Yet they fall technically on two different political spectrum yet they both have participated in Fear mongering and are corporate news , Not really for the people. I usually just get my news from independent media on youtube like secular talk , The Ring of Fire , David Pakman show but even then I always do my own research as well then they cover certain topics.
  11. wow so much yess to this particular paragraph!! I agree with this 100%
  12. I got anxiety just reading the title of the post lol Ive been feeling so anxious about politics lately. Even more so then before. I watch some political channels on youtube like Secular Talk, Three arrows , The Rational National and David pakman show and their all channels I enjoy but sometimes It freaks me out because I start to get too many political videos recommended and some are just so disgusting & negative that I just have to take a break. Its seems that we cant afford not to care about politics and be informed but its gotten so dangerous that sometimes we have to take a step back because it seems like people from all sides have become hostile. I literally feel myself holding my breath when politics is brought up in person because no matter who im talking to about it something in me always feels like im entering into a war zone when that stuff is mentioned. I also Disagree with A Lot of your political views and stance on important issues. But I feel and relate to your pain and anxiousness related to the political climate in America.
  13. June322

    What Book

    It seems like theres an infinite amount of TV shows and movies and youtube videos to keep us entertaining for hours! I love to indulge myself with a Good movie or tv show but I miss reading. I used to read a lot back in the day. It was amazing reading a good book and getting lost in them! In a way even though the description of the character was in the book we still had the power to imagine how we would see each character and place in our heads. Reading is fun and I know its good for our brains too. All that being said I wanna get back into reading! so I would Love it for anyone reading this to share all your favorite Books/Mangas/and Comics! of every and any Genre please list them down below! this can be an ongoing thread too. If you're looking forward to any books coming out share your excitement below. But overall share your Favorite current and past Books! Thank you
  14. June322

    Post your day in 1 word.

  15. June322

    Post your day in 1 word.