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  1. What book was it ? I’ve been wanting to get back into reading ! But idk what book to start with
  2. Took a personal leave from work and thinking of never going back. I hate that job. I fool myself into thinking I can be the type of person that can work any meaningless labor job as long as it helps me and my family get by but I was wrong. I can’t handle that. So now I’m feeling a mixture of relief and stress being always from that hell hole. I just spend most day taking walks through the parks in the day and watching the sopranos at night. I have 3 weeks to figure my life out
  3. Have you guys ever reported anyone from work to HR ? im on the fence if I should report this lady I work with because she won’t leave me alone. I feel like I’m in high school thinking about whether to report my high school bully to the principal or not
  4. Yeah I feel the same way! With the job I have now I rather stay home then be at work. But before this job I was unemployed for a long time and it’s depressing to not have job too. At least work can help me feel useful and my brain occupied
  5. When I was incredibly depressed I would take a lot of long hot baths . I would literally sit in my tub for like 3 hours and just refill it when the water would get cold. For some reason that would help me a lot more then anything else. I also have read that hot baths are on a list of things that people recommend when you’re just really stressed and anxious. even if you don’t have a bath or don’t like them I think it could help to look up ways to do some self care and google what activities can help you with this and even if the list is full of cliches just pick one! For my brother it was walking or just soaking up sun in the yard for an hour. when you’re at a low point and feeling really anxious and depressed sometimes it’s truly the small things that can help bring some relief. Maybe it won’t cure what you’re feeling but it can help you with coping and feeling a tad bit better :).
  6. I just feel really nervous and anxious about time. I guess the saying is true that the older you get the faster time seems to go by. But now it really does seem more accelerated to me than ever before
  7. It doesn't sound like an "oopsie" to me at all. You like someone and you confessed to them. It might not had the outcome you were hoping for but still you did NOTHING wrong! Rejection sucks. Feels awful. But it takes a lot to be able to tell someone we have feelings for them. So I think it was brave of you for doing that. Im sorry your parents didnt show you the understanding you needed when you were young I know how that feels . im in my mid twenties and the older I get the more I feel like my childhood traumas weigh me down. I hope that you can soon learn to have more compassion for yourself and have that some love you had for that person and show some of that to yourself. as corny and cliche as it sounds I do think that sometimes the love we need the most is from ourselves.
  8. Hey everyone , I haven't been on in almost two months. So ive been catching up on the thread and taking notes myself on some of the suggestions people gave to dealing with work anxiety. lately I have been having to deal with me and my brother who work together being constantly harassed by this lady at work. Its gotten to the point where I feel like im going to unload on her any day now. And sometimes im scared my brother will do it and that would be worse since hes a guy. I honestly dont know whats wrong with some people that they have so much hate that they feel the need to make someone life at work hell. whats worse too is this lady is so manipulative and is one of those ladies that claims to believe in god and always proclaims that god sees all and he will make Justice happens ! and then proceeds to make justice happens on her own accord. If there is a God and a devil then she seems to be doing the Devils work and not Gods. I really dont know what to do with this. I feel like were in high school and Im worries about telling my principal and parents about this for fear of it getting worse and the principal is HR. This lady has already been to HR because of her bad behavior with other people and they never do anything to them . They just continue to work there like nothing
  9. Yesterday I found out that a Guy that just got hired on 4 months a go , got a promotion. this really boiled my blood because his promotion was not based on his hard work or knowledge about the job. But based on the fact that his two uncles work there. to top it off I talked to my manager about my brothers position at work. They had him doing a level 3 and Level 4 job for a little over a year but didn’t want to pay him the salary for it. They refuse to Give him the pay and tittle for the work he was doing and maintained it as if he was doing a lower grade job when he wasn’t . Then they just now finally give him a 50 cent raise and move his title to level 3 to fit the job he had already been doing for the past year . But then they said they won’t give him the bonus they give all employees every year. I told the manager it didn’t seem fair and he said it’s my brother business not mine which fair enough . But then he said we should be grateful and happy he got promoted . yeah finally got paid for the job he was already doing for a whole year. It took them a year to promote him to the position he was already in. not to mention this new guy got that promotion in 5 months with the pay . It took everything in me not to go off on him .
  10. Sharing your story is plenty help! Especially because I can relate to it all :/ . It really does seems like everyone else has it together but ourselves . Sometimes it’s good to hear that others don’t have it all figure out either . Life is a general shit storm. But we’re already here . So if thinking about what record to put on or what movie to watch next brings a moment of peace and happiness, then I think that’s all that matters in the moment .
  11. In my head I quit everyday
  12. Ouch that’s a tricky position to be in. I’ve been in that spot where my boss wants me in charge of certain people when I myself do not have the title to be telling anyone what to do. You don’t sound ineffective! Your boss should not expect you to have the power to control how others work
  13. Hi Oli , im sorry I personally don’t have any resources for what you need. But if I do find anything I’ll be sure to send it your way! but I do wanna say that you’re so freaking young! And you have been through so much. Anyone would feel anxious. Finding resources is really difficult for trans people and resources for mental health can be hard too. but you don’t have to have it all figured out right now. you’re still young and you just now figuring out this diagnosis and figuring out your gender identity ofcourse you’re going to feel lost and confused and almost paralyzed because you’re processing everything. Give yourself the time to process your situation and know that even if you don’t have all the answers now that you’re going to figure it out with time. I think it would help too even if you go on YouTube and search adults being diagnosed with Autims in their 20’s. I know I follow an influencer who was Diagnosed with ADHD at 30 and although that’s not the same as autism it’s something they were diagnosed with at such a later time in life then some and they talked about how they felt relieved that they can now understand more of their own behaviors and they have a better guide to how to approach their mental health now that they have a more proper diagnosis. The YouTuber name is RhiannHY btw in case you want to see their ADHD video. I think they have some good tips on how to deal with a diagnosis that was discovered in adulthood . I wish you the best and I hope that you can find some resources soon that with aid you in your situation
  14. June322


    I’ve always had trouble sleeping too. I think its like sober said we carry out stressors and anxiety with us to bed and all that is buzzing in our head so of course it’s hard to unwind and sleep when we’re not relaxed. when you wake up at 3 and 4 do you usually get up to pee or something ? I realized too that I was using the bathroom a lot in the middle of the night because I drank too many liquids at night and had late dinners
  15. I’ve been struggling a lot at work . It gives me so much anxiety just thinking that I have to go back tomorrow. the environment there is so toxic. I’ve been getting chewed up by a lot of people there. I try hard to keep my head up by head has been feeling heavy I know many people experience shit times at work and I wanted to make a thread for people to talK about it here. And maybe give some advice on how to get through it it’s hard because specially right now with the pandemic, it’s not easy to just find another job . Especially when it seems like they all have the same type of hostile environment that is occupied by the same type of people that make work that much unbearable
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