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  1. im so sorry to hear that :( if you ever want to expand on your situation please feel free to do so here. It sometimes helps to vent about it here im also not doing so well in my current living situation.Things were already not well but because of this pandemic things got 10x worse. these past two days I have woken up with some really bad chest pains. I know its probably anxiety of everything happening in the world and at home. I really am just wishing the best for us all
  2. you shouldn't apologize for your "outburst" you're venting and honestly that's a big part of what this website is here for. Life was already not great for many of us and right now with everything going on its just made everything seem less hopeful. Venting about it here helps a little in my opinion. and at least we can all support each other here at least virtually lol
  3. My brother sent me $50 dollars for my birthday yesterday and it felt like a million bucks 😭 Grateful for him caring enough to do that and what that money was able to bring for me ! hope that money goes back to him 10x fold
  4. @Pink603 Truly horrible what your Daughter went through. And what you as a mother are going through right now is also horrible. It's an imaginable pain for both. I honestly think you are doing a Great job! First you immediately believed her and offered your full support. There is quite a few parents that actually would not do that and won't believe their kid and be in denial. You accepting her is a huge help for her recovery. This is such a difficult time for you and your family that there is no one way solution. But I promise she will get better. I was also sexually Abused by my own blood relative when I was a child up until i was 12. I never told my mom because I was scared and didn't want to hurt her. I also had many suicidal thoughts and would cut myself. When I was your daughter age I was at my worst. I didn't know how to reach out. But truly you are doing the best you can. This is just a situation that needs time. Since it hasn't been that long that she told you the trauma is still fresh and it could be as though she's living it all over again. One goes through feelings of shame ,disgust , loneliness ect. As long as you continue to show her unconditional Love and make it be known she is Loved and accepted by you and her loves ones then the road to recovery will be better. It's Great that she is in therapy! That will help a lot. Make sure she likes and trust her theraphist. I had to go through a few until I found the right one. You have so much on your plate right now. It's a lot to deal with and I feel for you so much but don't let yourself believe that you're not doing enough because you are. This is just a extremely difficult situation that's going to take a lot of time and work but your daughter will be ok . Continue to keep us updated. Sometimes it helps to let it all out and you can always message me as well! Sending so much love to you and your daughter and whole family! I just know it will be ok
  5. Feeling extremely sick 😷 a little annoyed because I live with 6 other people in a small apartment and 3 of us are sick and the sickness has been going around 2-3 weeks ! Because when some get better the others get sick. Alas hoping for speedy recovery for my family and me already because we all have work or school we can't miss 🤧
  6. At the peak of My depression a lot of my thoughts would be extremely existential. It was as If I woke up one day and someone just told me humanity entire history And I just found out what earth was and that were just these tiny beings Floating on this tiny rock in infinite black space. I couldn't fathom it all. I was constantly going over im my head a lot of why/how questions that many didnt have answers to. Then honestly I kind of got over it. There's a lot of questions that I still ponder about but I do it more so in a way that I just find it interesting that we all exist right now in this very moment. I used to be filled with existential dread until I just recognised that a lot of the questions I had were questions Most Humans Ponder about except they dont worry about it. We are not meant to have all the answers and thats ok. We have the self awareness to ask the questions but also its in us to be able to live a happy life without all the answers Existential Depression in my opinion comes when our depression develops im a way that makes us feel disconnected to our settings and the people around us. Making it hard to enjoy anything. What helped me is realizing the things that were affecting me at a smaller scale that were making me feel like a complete mess and not be able to function.
  7. June322


    I feel for you so much! Many of us felt close to him as it is since he was such an active member that really took the time to hear others out and help us ease our pains anyway he could. I can only imagine how you feel since you were even closer to him. Hope that you feel better soon and just know he truly did a positive impact on many of us here. Hope it helps to know he is at peace now. So much love to you and everyone here struggling. We're a community that feels the pain together.
  8. glad to hear you were having a good day duck! sad that it turned sour after talking to your sister. what happened ?
  9. Grateful for the Internet ! you can do so much with it and I'm happy to be alive in a time it exist. I mean it made this website possible and made it possible for me to connect with many of you who have helped me through out my mental health journey. My Dog Movies and Shows being accessible through streaming
  10. I feel really broken. Financially, mentally, physically ..just broke. I genuinely just want some stability and some sort of peace present in me and my life
  11. I recently paid for this fitness program specifically for women and it's for 30 days and it started on the 28 of November and I sitll havent followed it 😥 my goal was to loose 15 pounds by christimasd but havent done the work to do so. But nonetheless I admire your pursuit! And I think this would be a good thread to start for the new year too!
  12. I think for one blaming it on fog is not a good thing. You should take personal responsibility for your actions. Saying that to someone can also be triggering to the person you told it too. I think you should respect the fact that she does not want to talk to you because thats her right. Take this chance to just realize its a mistake and tell your therapist about how you told her that and do stuff like that in heat of the moments and maybe they can give you tips on how to improve the impulses and not say those things again. Constantly contacting her and trying to get a response from her that you like is not good. If you already apologise and she got the message but doesn't want anything else that's it. I thinks time now for both of you to heal separately. I wish you the best
  13. Still just want a treadmill to get some exercise done at home
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