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  1. Hey guys, Its been a long time since Ive posted on this site. Im at a really low point right now. I feel very alone in the world even though I know I'm not actually alone physically.... it just feels like no one knows/understands the real me. Or evn really enjoys being around me.... sometimes i just really wish i could just be normal.... ive been having a lot of suicidal thoughts lately. Thinking Id be better off dead because the life I live now seems pointless.... still I hold on because of my daughter. I just dont want to hurt her. But its like at the same time, I dont want to feel so dead inside either.
  2. Ive been having a lot of thoughts that I may be better off dead. Its not new its just been harder to silence lately. Think I'll try fluoxetine again,hopefully it helps
  3. Drop a selfie with a smile, let' brighten each thers lives a little
  4. I hate feeling so alone & outcasted everywhere I turn
  5. Still feel truly hated, to the core. Not my imagination either
  6. Over these self help books/articles. It' all bs. Decided that, this is probably just gonna be but.... I'll do what I can to make the most of the little moments I get. 🙃. Excited about ppl opening gifts I bought though, makes me happy when other ppl smile.
  7. Ear infection,hope it goes away soon,feel like I'm deaf in my right ear... & the ringing...jeez. happy my bf is off 2morrow , otherwise ok. Actively battling negative thougts but for right now, feels like I'm winning Sn: how comfortable would you be w/your mil buying your wedding rings?... Asking for a friend..
  8. Had a long cry today, and then my own little praise & worship. I actually do feel a bit better than I did this morning and these past few weeks. Let me tell you, it' been mentally/ emotionally rough.
  9. Feel like I'm better off dead... feels like that's the only way out
  10. It's good you're getting out there though 🤗🤗
  11. I'm sure you're just fine hun. Don't think about it too much. 🤗🤗
  12. Like a fool.... I looked so stupid at this skills fair thing at work today , doing a simple task, that I do on a daily basis. You would think the fear of messing things up would actually prevent you from doing so.... really tired of this, I'm always saying or doing the wrong thing because I'm always so anxious around people... they end up thinking I'm just stupid.... Maybe I just am though. Sucks cause ugly AND stupid is such a s***ty combination.
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