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  1. Hi I'm new here. I take Wellbutrin XL 150mg daily. I've had low level depression since I think about 8 years of age. I lost my 7 year old brother on Christmas Day n things at my house were to be never the same. I didn't get treatment till I was about 25. I've taken many antidepressants in my life n I feel Wellbutrin is good ? there are times when I want to just stop with it because I think I shouldn't need to rely on meds, but I have motivation, joy n don't want to sleep all day, so I stay on it. The doctor says think of it like if you were diabetic n need insulin, you wouldn't stop taking that would you? If anyone wants to talk to me I will listen. I'm a nurse n you'd think I'd know better than to think I should stop my med, but we are all just human n need support sometimes.Anyway "hi" to you out there.

    1. Tid322


      Hey there! I am happy to hear you have found a medication that works for you, that is wonderful. I also love the mentality and the way your doctor has worded the true need for the medication. Thanks for the invite to chat to you. And I get the "you should know better", mentality, but like you said we are humans. And I think people with depression tend to give others more leniency and respect than they do themselves. Thus we tend to not give ourselves as much slack and understanding. I went to school to become a registered dietitian, so I should know better, but I run the gamut of eating bad foods or purposely skipping meals. Welcome to the site! I hope you feel comfortable here.

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