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  1. ironlion

    Had enough

    i know the feeling
  2. Everything is a long story so i'll try to go bit by bit. A little about me is i'm intelligent, loving, and altruistic in nature. Seeking others who will understand some of what i go through, im' stubborn but feel trapped at the same time where i'm at. That'll be my start.
  3. How i feel is expressed in anime music videos, sometimes words cannot do it. I fought so hard to be normal, to be the big brother while my deaf brother succeeds and i fail. it's humiliating cause of my fear of being out. Being alone as well is the hardest part, is there any soul out there like mine, i isolated for years at times. i did shop and get my food and so on but a event made me a hermit.
  4. message me online if you want a conversationalist without judgement.
  5. hmmm, zyprexa for me was causing me to pace and numb me or made me to tired.
  6. I have been on zyprexa, fo rme it was sedating, and numbed my feelings.Described being nervous or more anxious, pacing??
  7. Hopeful, scared, and alone. and sometimes feeling lost.
  8. That's good. On it myself but my anxiety is pretty severe.
  9. If you must be on latuda ask for artain or cogentin which should help the restlessness or nervousness, it is hard to describe.
  10. Every person body has different ways it metabolizes medication. Buspar helps rise oxytocin which is associated with association and social interaction. It wouldn't hurt to try it and see how it makes you feel?
  11. Spring to me signifies hope and potential.
  12. Buspar is an antianxiety alternative, it's a trend right now that works in a different way than the usual ones on the GABA receptors, which can be addicting.
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