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  1. I'm frustrated. I manage a roleplay server and there's this one person who keeps being an absolute butthead, always taking control and being rude and his character and he as a person are both outright abusive. He can call us names and complain and say rude things all he wants, but the second we call him out he goes pathetic and cries about how awful he is so we pity him. It's like dealing with my mother. Much like in real life, I'm too much of a coward to just call them out and cut them out.
  2. We end at late May and begin mid August. It's more like 2 and a half months now.
  3. Depends on the state and region and stuff. New Mexico started last week.
  4. Today's okay. School was good. Little worn out, but my birthday is in two days and I get to have an actual party this weekend, so that's nice.
  5. I feel... neutral. That's usually good compared to most days. Was irritated all day for no good reason and woke up to stupid hallucinations again. Least they aren't the visible kind. Mine are just angry yelling of my name from my parent's voices. Dang. My parents ruined my own name for me.
  6. Nothing much today, just played a lot of Final Fantasy 13-2. Video games are great. Though my tastes in games might be a bit different than some of your guys' lmao. I finally stopped being too sad to wash my hair, and I also organized school stuff.
  7. Planned some cosplay sewing stuff. Then remembered that I can't buy anything, including fabric, patterns, buttons, etc. without being interrogated by my parents about 'keeping secrets' when I really just wanna buy my stuff in peace. I can't even buy stuff without being watched or judged smh
  8. Not so good. My parents finally caught me sneaking out. I know it was stupid to and it means leaving my little sister in the house alone (she's 10.) I've been sneaking out for an hour every friday so I can see my fiance or take a walk. The isolation here is hurting me. Just that one hour every week- I look forward to it so much and I can't even have that. I'm not allowed outside because according to my parents everyone wants to kidnap or hurt me on the street. Anyways, I was caught, so I'll probably never be allowed outside without a security camera watching me again. Maybe they're not actually concerned for my safety. Maybe they just want to isolate and control and always, always watch me. There's cameras all over the house, except for the bedrooms. I can't even open my blinds at night to see the moon because people will watch me from my small second story window. I can't go outside without being watched because everyone is out to kidnap or hurt me. Is it all for my safety, or for my capture?
  9. Hey adults, is driving a necessity? I have no interest in learning and the entire idea just fills me with loathing. My parents keep calling me lazy and saying I have commitment issues because I don't wish to drive.
  10. I almost ended my life last night and I'm so close to doing it again. I need help.
  11. Had my first day of my very last year of school today. Found out last night that I'd have to scrap my plans of starting college early. Tired, still somewhat angry about it all.
  12. I'm okay. Kinda numb. Did my shift at work today. Been better, but I made my $27. (Its just 3 hours) Might just have a big dinner (my job is a lotta physical labor so I'm hungry a lot) and go to bed early. School starts on monday and I should be trying to fix my schedule instesd of staying up till 2 AM and stressing out.
  13. I won't be able to afford a therapist in a year's time, so I might just have to quit therapy. As for journaling, I used to. Perhaps I should pick it back up. Thank you for your kind words.
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