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  1. I'm mad at a lot of things my ex-fiance did but gotta say, I really miss being given a cup of hot cocoa and being tucked into bed and kissed on the forehead because I'm feeling sick and I could use that kinda care right now. I can do it myself, but it's not the same. Being sick is also the only time my parents are really sweet with me so maybe I just like being fussed over.
  2. Not feeling too great. Physically I've got tummy aches from anxiety and doubts. I'm trying to do my college classwork but it's hard to focus with all these awful thoughts in my head. I almost wish I had school today so I could see my counselor and talk to her about all these icky feelings.
  3. I sure hope it isn't what it seems to be. I really don't want to be wondering if my father 'assaulted' me...
  4. I feel sick. The sad kind of sick. And anxious. I have job emails to reply to and I'm worrying about being unprofessional.
  5. Physically and emotionally, I'm doing great. But lately I've been having these really disturbing nightmares involving my father and it makes it really hard to talk to him without flashing back to what I saw. Wonder if my dreams are trying to say something.
  6. My parents: just stop taking your antidepressants and take the adhd med instead i bet you'll feel so much better Me: (gets depressed without my meds that actually work and extremely anxious/twitchy on adhd med because I really don't have ADHD) My parents: why are you so moody and anxious
  7. Honestly! I'm what would be considered a "normal" weight but I'm actually incredibly thin, (About 100 lbs, I'm 5'5") and I'm only this thin because depression takes away my will to eat a lot. That and I have this awful compulsion to lose weight whenever I approach healthy because "I don't look sick enough so people won't believe me"
  8. Go figure, I called quits on my adhd med and my first instinct was to study for my ACT. Like, I wanted to study. Man, I never thought I had adhd in the first place and I knew I was right. Feels good to be back to normal levels of functioning (Which have been super high lately and I'm proud of myself)
  9. Have y'all had experiences with people diagnosing stuff or prescribing stuff that seemed wrong? My adhd med just wore off and I suddenly feel a lot more focused, calm, and productive, which is my usual state. People I'm speaking to, even my doctor, are having doubts that I have ADHD. Not sure what psychologist man was getting at.
  10. It's the smallest my doctor could give me- the psychologist didn't really say anything but my doctor told me to watch out for if my heart feels like it's beating weirdly, and to keep an eye on my appetite as it may decrease. None of them told me of any adjustment time.
  11. No, it's just 5mg. I'm taking it with my regular Prozac so I was wondering if they're interacting and giving me funky side effects. I'm on it again today and though there's less head pain, I'm still jumpy and hungry, and my focus is no better. I have the feeling that's not what it's supposed to do.
  12. I was prescribed Ritalin for possible ADHD. Today was my first day on it. Spent the next 4-6 hours twitching nonstop, super hungry, unable to focus, and having a wicked headache, plus my heart felt like it was gonna explode. Felt like it gave me ADHD with how my body reacted 😅 I have the funny feeling I don't have ADHD. The guy who diagnosed me only spoke to me for a half hour and said so himself that I didn't quite match the DSM. Plus he did no speaking to my teachers or other doctor or therapist. Whole thing felt sketchy and my primary doc (who did the actual prescribing) didn't seem sure that it was right so she put me on the lowest dose just in case it might work, and told me to let her know if anything unusual occurs. I think bouncing off the walls counts as unusual.
  13. I feel a little. They created a wonderful person (my sister) and a slightly-less-but-still-wonderful person (me) but seeing how different they are, how they always fight over money (for the record, I'm of upper middle class, we have multiple rental properties, and we're never short on funds), how my mother has a severe lack of empathy while my father has violent tendencies, it makes me wonder if they'd be happier with sifferent people.
  14. Just tired. Still affected by yesterday. A little angry too- I tried talking to my parents about losing Mark and my mother tried turning it into a life lesson about money. It was really insensitive. I'll probably be okay by tomorrow but I have a right to my grief so I'll let myself feel it, probably will chat to my counselor about it too. Then I'll keep going forward.
  15. I've been exercising with the new year (No gym memberships lol, just walking and using my father's machines at home) and it's caused me to lose so much weight and I have to eat so much to compensate. Had to start using one of those calorie tracking apps just so I didn't dip under 100 lbs! I'm super small and don't want to lose weight, but I'm also mega weak so the exercise is good for my body and brain.
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