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    Newbie freaking out..

    Thanks everyone for the replies and advice. After that first day I cut the meds in to 5mg and up'ed it by 5mg every few days. I'm now on 20mg and the side effects are gone and I'm not feeling anything. I'm now worried that its not working?? Should I be feeling something after 3 weeks??
  2. Hi everyone! So 3 days ago I decided after years of struggle to go to the doctors for help. She gave me Paroxetine 20mg and said take it once a day in the day time. So I took one when I went home at around 2pm. The pharmacist said I would feel nause during the start and maybe some side effects but stick with it. After a few hours I did feel sick, then alert and so much noise in my brain. Trying to sleep was impossible! By the time I did I woke up from crazy dreams and vomited. I kept the light on (seamed to help) while trying to sleep again but I was shaking and tinglie all over. I did manage to sleep awhile but when I woke it felt like a bad hang over. Is this all normal for the first pill? I though it takes awhile!? So I've cut my pills into 4 and am going to take 5mg for awhile but today I found I'm SO tired and can't stop yawning!! Should I just go back to the doc to try something else?? Ps she gave it to me to help with my anxity and PTSD. Thanks!!