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  1. I shaved my head to show support for cancer patients and donated £25.00 to Cancer Research UK. I used to donated blood before I started having problems with tachycardia and I was terrified of needles back then. I donated an expensive watch to the British Heart Foundation. When my neighbour was dying from a heart attack, I did everything I could to save his life, I tried to put him in the recovery position despite having my right leg in a cast, sadly he died and I blame myself everyday for it because I failed to save him. I bought food for homeless people. My aunt refused to use contraception when she was a prostitute so she got pregnant a lot but she had so many abortions and most of her children ended up in care or she only kept them so she could take the father's money. My sister and her friend's were having a discussion on abortions and women's rights, all I said was that "Women who have abortions as an alternative to contraception are bad" and my sister and her friends think it's okay and they called me disgusting? My mother knows I have a learning disability and depression, my brother thinks it's a lie and he thinks I'm just a spoiled brat so he decided to tagged me in a public post on Facebook telling the world I'm a cry baby and lied saying I tried to beat up our mum. Where was he when my mother had a heart attack? Did he visit my mother in hospital for a week and brought her a throphy saying "World's Best Mum"? No, he was busy counting his money, driving around in his BMW and partying late at night with his friends. Also I get mocked for being a Christian, I don't mock my brother for being an atheist or my sister for being a vegan woman's rights activist. My family are so dysfunctional, I'm starting to believe whether or not I got switched with another baby at birth and should get a DNA test because I am nothing like my family at all. They criticised me for my beliefs and views and refuse to accept I am Autistic and have anxiety and depression. I am very sensitive and very emotional and I cannot help it because I am very sick, I got raped at 14, my cousin was ******** the same year my parents broke up, I got kicked out the house at a young age and had to go in supported housing where I got beaten up and had my money and food stolen. My only best friend was my cat that disappeared and I'll never know whether she died or was stolen. I have trouble making best friends and so the only friends I have are all online. My dream was to get married and have a family but what woman will ever want a man who still collects model cars, likes Japanese cartoons, enjoys playing video games and has flabs instead abs?
  2. Hi there, I'm Alan. I have had depression for a very long time. I struggle with self-harm and I feel miserable pretty much all the time. I'm sorry if this introduction is too short, I'm not very good at this thing. I'm new so please forgive me if I've done anything wrong.
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