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    Reading, Film, local ice hockey, avoiding my feelings and doing the least amount of work at my job possible without being sacked.

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  1. @LouisRiel We aren't that far apart, it was 7 years for me when I was 16. Yeah I have, I miss that they didn't put "the other Lisa" in the film.
  2. Same... I adore this film, I found it just after I was diagnosed with BPD and was something I could really relate to when I was surrounded by people who didn't understand.
  3. I feel like we should be friends just because of our photos
  4. Love this! I picture a huge, grand library with loads of quiet nooks for people to just sit and read. I want to create a place for people to just sit and get lost in books one day, so I can share this feeling of comfort in physical silence.
  5. Citalo13

    Over attachment

    I adored my therapist, probably go as far to say loved. I just want to know how much other people were attached to theirs? Having borderline personality disorder it is common to idolise or condemn people. It's nearly a year since I had my last session and I still think about her daily.
  6. Grateful. International Women's Day has made me want to be thankful to all the women who have bee patient, loving and understanding toward me and particularly my mental illness. Thank you to all the girls who have kept me alive this far
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into them
  8. Some times the happy façade is just too heavy and once in a while you need to take it off and relax in your crazy
  9. Yeah, I hear the same. It's annoying as hell trying to get to sleep or concentrate but I am always impressed with my subconscious ability to remember lyrics
  10. I had the same thoughts before my diagnosis and then couldn't let the idea drop, taking every online test there was, reading books, watching films and found myself relating to everything I saw. I know self-diagnosis isn't the best thing to do but it can give you something to cling on to envision a way out of it. But I whole heartedly agree with the other guys to get their professional opinion.
  11. I've just finished reading Get Me Out of Here by Rachel Reiland It's a great view of Borderline Personality Disorder and how it's possible to have a positive outcome. It made me cry (in a good way) too many times to count because I related more to that book than to anyone I've ever met. Are there any good mental health books you can recommend?
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