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  1. Hi David, thank you for reaching out on behalf of your Friend. I hope she is coping ok. I think it’s very hard to say what is the real cause for depression. Most of the time different people are triggered by different things or events or past experiences in their life which cause them to be depressed. Peharps it’s good to have a word with your Friend to let her know that you are concerned of her well being and is willing to listen if she is ready to talk about it. This is one way to show support for friends who you think they might be depressed. Hope this helps. GOd bless..
  2. i can understand how you feel and what you are going through. fighting depression is an uphill task every single day. some days i just don’t have the will to live. i float around like a ghost, a person without a soul. i just have to tell myself one day done, one step forward. i understand how exhausting it is to fight every day. to be honest, on my worst days, i’m suicidal. but God’s love keeps me going, my daughter’s love keeps me going and my friends who love me and always praying for me keeps me going...i pray and hope there is something or someone that can keep you going. one day at a time dear friend... it’s a journey.. keep well and God bless you....
  3. Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing. It breaks my heart to read your post and to know that you are living in so much pain. We are here for you. It’s good to write. In some ways, it’s a form of processing too. EMDR works very well with trauma. It might take a while for the triggers to clear but it’s therapy worth investing. Also, please remember this is a temporary problem and you can overcome it. Might be good to speak to a family counselor for some advice which might help you to think how you want to take the next step. Praying for you. God bless...
  4. Hi there, thank you for sharing and started this thread of discussion... you have no idea how much it has benefited me and many who are reading these. You are such a gift! Chanced upon this online. Hope to contribute something that may help someone who is reading this thread... https://livepurposefullynow.com/self-love-a-poem-by-charlie-chaplin/ God bless...
  5. hugs..... you are not a garbage. I’m a Christian and I believe the beauty in God’s creation. You have to start telling yourself that. You are a beautiful and wonderful human being. i’m so sorry to hear you are going through so much. it must have been hard and lonely! Thank you for sharing your story. It takes a lot of courage for one to do that. Please try to keep up with your session with your psychiatrist. Otherwise, we are here for you too. You are not alone in this journey. Praying for you. God bless...
  6. Hi there, welcome and thank you for sharing. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you certainly don’t have to feel guilty for talking about depression. The problem with anywhere is depression has not been discussed enough hence many are suffering. So don’t feel that you cannot talk about depression, especially here as well. YOU have safe space here to just unload whatever that’s in your mind. The members are encouraging an incredibly gentle. So don’t be afraid to just write. Keep well. Praying for you. God bless!
  7. Hi there, thanks for your honest sharing. I did have that experience too. I had depression for a while then suddenly I started to get so angry over very small thing or issue. It could be as small as someone asking me question which was non threatening and they asked it nicely, I would snap! I remembered i got so angry once I wanted to jump out of a moving car! Are you talking to a counselor or therapist?? Talking to someone will help you to cope better. And you always have us here to read your post and you have a safe here to post! Take care! God bless!
  8. Hallo there, thanks for sharing. Personally I have a therapist who connects with me well. There are times which I think he don’t get what I’m trying to say or he don’t really share how I truly feel and it bugged me for a while as I paid him good money and yet he don’t seem to be able to connect with me at that specific moment. But then I told myself most of the time he can and that’s enough. He is not God so I cannot expect him to get me all the time. What I’m trying to say is even with a therapist who gets me 80% during the session, there are times he cannot. I read that you have changed a few therapists already. But I do understand sometimes it really does take a few tries to find the most compatible one. Don’t give up on the search ok? If this don’t work, change another. Hope this helps! Be well and take care. God bless!
  9. Hi there, thank you for your courage for coming forward to share. Depends on you feel physically. If you are generally ok to move, it will be better to just move even if it’s just taking a walk around your neighbourhood will help to lift your mood slightly. One thing I realised is the more you are inactive, the more depression will take charge of your life. I refused to let depression win. I’m not sure what kind of activity might interest you. Perhaps you might wanna consider exploring exercise like running or Swimming, see if that helps. Agreed with the comments, sometimes it takes several changes to find the right match or connection with your therapist or counsellor. Good to keep an open mind with each one you meet. Hope this helps! Keepingyou in my prayer. God bless...
  10. Halo there! Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story here. Please rest assured that this is a absolute safe space and you are free to download whatever you like. The community here, I find, is extremely supportive and non-judge. Sorry to hear about all the bad experiences you had in your previous school. I honestly think that you have a wonderful personality and you are a kind individual. I had some bad experiences in school Long time ago when the girls or guys were Super Biotchy and pretentious. I have been commented shy too. But recently I read some books about introverts and it described me to a T. You might wanna pick up this book and have a read to understand your personality a little bit better. The book gave you insight about introverts and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of being one! In fact, one should celebrate for being one! The book is titled “Quiet POwer by Susan Cain” Do check it out! I’m keeping you in my prayer. Keep well and God bless!
  11. Hi Display, welcome to DF. Thank you for sharing. Agreed with some of the members here, you need to get a proper diagnosis to treat the way you feel. Through proper test and consultation, you will be able to know better where you actually are emotionally. I think if you already suspected that something is not right, good to do something about it. Same goes with other sickness as well. If you are down with a nasty flu, normally we’ll try to fix it by going to the doctor. Same goes for any mental health. Do keep us update d with your progress. Keep well and take care. Praying for you! God bless!
  12. Hugs.... thanks for sharing and welcome to DF. I’m glad that you are getting all the help you need and are on meds to help you cope. With meds and therapy, you are on a journey of recovery. Please go gentle on yourself and don’t rush through the process. I had depression and personally I feel that one don’t really recover from it. We will learn to embrace the fact that we have depressive thoughts or mood from time to time but each time when we crawl out from this valley of darkness, the next time when it hit us, the bounce back will be easier. So I have faith that though you are walking through this darkness at this moment, don’t fret. Like previous experience, you will bounce back. LIke you mentioned, keep trying! Failing to feel better today, it’s ok. Try again tomorrow. As long as we don’t quit, we don’t stop. Failing and trying is the best way towards healing and getting yourself better and I know you can do it. You have already done it once! Be well and take care! Journeying alongside with you and praying for you. God bless!
  13. Hi BeamerBoy, welcome to DF. Sorry to hear you are going through so much. At 20, that’s a lot of burden for anybody to bear. But I thank you for coming forward to share your story. Depression has a way of making you think you are going through this alone and nobody will ever ever understand what you are going though. I wanna assure you, we do... Maybe we cannot have a full grasp of how you actually feel but most members in forum knows how dark depression can be. So, you are not alone. You wouldn’t be going through this yourself. We are here for you and ready to listen whenever you want to download. Most depressives will feel they are the “black sheep” in the family or “failure”. I wanna let you know, you are not. You are trying your best to live and that alone is a lot of strength. Keep well and take care. I’m praying for you. God bless!
  14. Hi there, sorry to hear about your predicament. I believe given any situation and anyone else, anything symptom relating the heart is terrifying, if not, crippling. My heart goes out to you when you are describing some of those moments that you are going through. Someone shared with me some tips on how to prevent an anxiety Attack. It is called GROUNDING - it can help when you feel like you’ve gone too far in your head and lost all control of your surrounding. I’ll list them below. You can try them if you are comfortable trying. 1. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth 2. Slowly look around you and find ...... 3. 5 things you can see 4. 4 things you can touch 5. 3 things you can hear 6. 2 things you can smell (or 2 smells you like) 7. 1 emotion you feel I’m keeping you in my prayer and may God bless you, keep you and give you peace.
  15. Hugs......hope you are feeling better... Depression do have a numbing effect. You might go through the day not being able to feel anything or want to do anything. I have a feeling that your Boyfriend is trying to help you feel better by doing something. I can understand it’s really really hard for someone who is depressed not wanting to do anything at all. I get that. I have been through some dark moments that all I can think of was my problem and I cannot function normally. Then I became highly functioning depressive which i could still do things in the state of numbness. All of these are not very good either way. Your Boyfriend meant well though not in the best way you might like it but he really meant well and hanging to the hope that you will be ok one day. How about taking a small step for yourself and him today by doing just one task that he suggested? Give it a try. Keeping you in my prayer. God bless!
  16. Halo there, thank you for sharing and it takes courage for one to admit their weakness. Sometimes people lie with no bad intention. It’s just their defense mechanism but that doesn’t make it right to lie. Glad that you have took the first active step to seek help and to see a therapist. It will be the beginning of your healing journey. I also think your friend cares for you, a lot. If not, I don’t know how to explain her continuity in keeping in touch with you. Perhaps she knows what you have gone through, so she is going to give you the benefit of doubt and try to understand why you are doing what you are doing and saying things you wouldn’t meant to say. Don’t let your worst moments define you. Those moments are not who you are. The fact that you care a lot makes you a decent person already. You just need to go through some therapy sessions to help you find directions on how to use other better coping mechanism instead of lying. Hope this helps. Keeping you in my prayer. God bless!
  17. Hi there, thanks for sharing. I think your family is going through some difficult moments right now and you have been so wonderful in reaching for help on behalf of your Brother. You took it upon yourself the responsibilities to find out why he is behaving the way he is behaving and seeking advice in hope to get him back in shape! We can love a person but we don’t have to love their behaviour and I think that’s what you are trying to do now and I understand your struggle. I’m Glad he is going for therapy now and your mum as well.. They will get better. Something to note though, therapy sessions might take a while for them to get better depending on how serious their issues are . Give them a bit of time to get better. Meanwhile, being as supportive as you usually are and cheering them along the healing journey maybe the only thing you can do for them for now. If he indeed has depression, the therapist willl be able to pick that up during therapy session. Hope this helps! Keeping you and your family in my prayer. God bless!
  18. Hi there, welcome to the forum. If this is bothering you too much, you might need wanna consider go see a doctor. For me, mine is the exact opposite of what you are going through. I didn’t sleep enough the last time and it took a toll on my mental health and health in general. I went through a few year surviving only with 2-3 hours of sleep. After therapy, I managed to clock in 7-9 hours of sleep in most days. According to my therapist, usually winding down to rest and sleep took a few hours before the actual sleep happens. Meaning, if you intend to sleep at 9-10pm, you need to start winding down at 6pm. Only do light activity like reading or listening to music or journal about your day. Keeping a routine helps too. Hope this helps! God bless!
  19. U will get there.... meanwhile, we are all here and this is your safe space! :)
  20. I believe that most of the members in this forum (if not all) has their story to tell and share and most of them are not pleasant and if not heart wrenching. You too, had been through so much previously and you are still trying to cope. I’m only glad that you shared it on this platform because you never know how much your sharing will help another member in this forum. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and have the courage to share here. The journey of healing is indeed not easy but you have already taken the first step out to try to get better for your own sake. Press on ok? Keeping you in my prayer. God bless!
  21. It does sound very difficult now that you have explained what you are actually doing. In fact, in my opinion, anything to do with people is hard. But it also does sound like it’s an opportunity to develop genuine relationship with people you meet or the people who you are doing recuritment for. I don’t know how this industry work, I may be wrong. I’m glad you have a therapist but you mentioned it doesn’t do much. Have you thought of changing a therapist?? He or she might not be a right fit if you feel that they are not helping you much after you have talked to them. And yes, changes take time and very often changes is painful and antagonisingly slow, But I hope you know you will get better. Slowly but you will get there. God bless!
  22. I understand where you are coming from. I used to work in the sales industry too... very long time ago... and me too, don’t really like to pressure someone to get something when I don’t even believe in the product. Such irony right? Have you consider switching industry? Or have you consider talking to a therapist or a counsellor?? If you cannot change your job, talking to a therapist or counsellor might help you to cope better when you are at work. You are a good person. I’m sure you are trying your best to give your best at work. But if the environment is not helping to bring the best out of you, then maybe it’s good to take stock where you are in life right now and if this job is worth sticking to it. Hang in there ok? Praying for you.
  23. Hi there, thank you for sharing. It takes a lot of courage for one to come forward to share their life story and welcome to our forum. We all have our own story to tell. You never know how much your story will encourage another person who is going through tough time at this moment. Are you the eldest amongst your siblings? I’m guessing you are cos you displayed a great sense of responsbility. You also come across as somebody who is also reliable. Even as you are going through difficult time, you choose to seek treatment on your own and not wanna burden your family (though I can understand why you choose not to). It shows that you take responsility of your own life. Also, when your parents asked you for help, you agreed to despite of what your parents had said to you in the past. That’s very gracious and forgiving of you to do that. I understand that took a lot out from you too. It must have been very hard. Besides psychiatrist, are you seeing any therapist??? It might be worth considering talking to a therapist in between your appt with your psychiatrist. That might help you to cope better. Meanwhile, feel free to download in this forum. We are ready to journey with you through this. Hang in there. Keeping you in my prayer. God bless!
  24. Hi there, it does sound to me that your working enviroment seems quite unhealthy too. I mean hype agressive and calling you constantly on every single thing, tt doesn’t sound like an ideal place to work in. But then I’m just assuming.. There must be a better reason why he is behaving the way he is behaving. I like how geniune a person you are. To me, you are sincerce and that is something rather positive i think. The place I worked in previously had plenty of office politics. I chose not to engage in any and just get on with my stuff. In the beginning, it all seemed so fake and draining. But after a while, I got used to it and eventually been able to block out the “noise” around me. Hopefully, your situation will have a breakthough soon. Keeping you in my prayer. God bless!
  25. I have been through a couple of years depressed. Those years I barely function. But because I had a newborn girl, I had to hide behind a smile everyday just so everybody around me knew I’m ok. Within me, I remembered feeling dead. Until about 2-3 years ago, I went to see a therapist which helped me tremendously. I’m coping better these days. I hope you will consider talking to someone, a counsellor or a therapist. You deserve a life without sadness and I hope you know you can have it. Hang in there ok? Praying for you. God bless!
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