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  1. Does anyone else have this problem? If I am doing something, say a project at work, and I get corrected on something, I feel really bad and my mood drops to a very low level. This also happens if someone picks at my outfit or says something bad about my hair, or something I said, or an opinion I hold. I suppose for me, it's because I have such low confidence in myself. Often I will feel that the outfit I picked or the way I do my job is ok, but apparently even that isn't.
  2. Hello, I was just wondering whether anyone would be able to give me some tips on the super anxiety I suffer whenever any of my pets are sick or injured. When it happens, I find my imagination running wild with all sorts of possibilities of what may happen. My runaway anxiety! It mostly centers around my animals not getting better and needing to be put to sleep :-( I have tried techniques such as writing in my journal in a logical manner, writing things such as "the vet has told me that my pony has only sprained his back and will get better in a week or two". I write this out over and over in a few different ways in the hopes that I can somehow tell my brain to settle down a bit. It works somewhat. I've got some valium to take at times like this too but I'd prefer not to, and they are hard to obtain from my doctor too, and I don't want to waste them
  3. Goodness me, thank you so much for posting this topic. I posted a while back about my niece who does this exact thing. She picks at her sores and then, wait for it......dips her hand into communal food such as chips, with blood under her fingernails! It's absolutely revolting and makes me shake with disgust.
  4. Anyone know about this? "Please PM Member for Link" This has been raised with me as something I might like to try. What I can see is that the theory is I go around feeling sad/depressed/anxious/whatever, then saying to myself "thanks a lot brain", ignoring the feelings, and then saying to yourself, "gee, I have so many things to look forward to, life is great". That sounds kind of silly actually. It seems to be all about ignoring the feelings you have, and then telling yourself that life is actually awesome and then cheer yourself up.
  5. Cold. It's winter here. I feel really low today too.
  6. I was just wondering what other members do when they are lucky enough to be able to work but find it too much sometimes being smily all day. I like to hide in the stationery room where we keep supplies for the photocopier, paper and pens etc. Its nice and quiet in there and I won't get disturbed. The bathroom is another option but if anyone sees me go in and not come out for an hour, that's going to look weird and suspicious. I can't afford not to work at the moment. I have a family to support
  7. Worn down. As though someone is stealing my energy.
  8. I'm the same as the OP. When it becomes about 9pm I feel great and start looking at the clock counting how many fun hours I have before bed. I stay up awfully late most nights and sleep in on weekends to catch up on the sleep i missed through the week. There's no pressure on me in those dark hours before bed. Its so late that nobody would phone me, i'm not at work and I can relax a bit and be on the net or watch tv with no pressure to wear my mask. My mask by the way is a huge fake smile plastered across my face from 7am - 9pm. Its nice to take it off for a few hours so to speak
  9. Really disorganised :-(. I keep forgetting to check my diary and then end up missing appointments
  10. I feel awful. I had arranged to take tomorrow afternoon off work and now I can't take it because I have no way of getting home after I finish my shift until really late. I had been looking forward to this for about a week. I really really need the mental health break for myself.
  11. I feel overwhelmed. My performance appraisal is due and I am expected to proove why I deserve a pay rise. I am so nervous about it. I hate having to do stuff like this
  12. Hi Rose 'Tea can create a calmer but more alert state of mind. Studies have shown that the amino acid L-theanine found in the tea plant alters the attention networks in the brain and can have demonstrable effects on the brain waves. More simply, tea can help you relax and concentrate more fully on tasks.' This must be why us Brits have drunk so much of it and especially at times of stress! I've posted some other links so I hope they help: It is possible to 'tricking' your brain - a bit like desensitisation methods but in reverse I guess. I use the desensitisation methods to stop things from getting to me when I can't control how often I'm exposed to them. If I was going to try to do that, I'd only drink tea in circumstances that refelcted the most calm and happiest environments and situations: lie in a nice bubble bath, reading your favourite book or magazine, light a few candles if you wish, then when engrossed in the bath and book, sip the tea and notice the taste and how it makes you feel; your brain should do the rest. Many will suggest yoga but if you have an overly active mind that you can't switch off at will (as I do), yoga will drive you up the wall. Try instead for distraction methods (they worked for me) and go for things you enjoy doing but will engross your mind fully. I wouldn't advise changing your doctor because she won't give you medication during pregnancy! I think your doc is quite right to be wary. Unless you have uncontrollable symptoms (mine was crying - anywhere and everywhere at the drop of a hat which is very embarrassing so just made things worse and becoming very argumentative with strangers who annoyed me) and meds did, without a doubt, help to nearly stop that. For everything else, they didn't help me. Although, if you are pregnant, the placenta will filter most stuff out, it can't filter it all out and what you take and how that affects you will also, to a lesser extent, have the same effect on a fetus or baby. Are your symptoms recent? Do you know what triggered/triggers them? If at all possible, imo (I'm not a mental health professional neither have I been trained in any form of it - other than living with it), you are better off learning how to take back control yourself. It may take longer than medication and medication can help to begin with but in the long run, I believe it's beneficial to learn what your own strengths are to fight off bouts of depression. Go for the tea - if you are pregnant, you and your baby, if nothing else, will have fabulous teeth! Thank you so very much for such an in-depth response. I'll check out those links for sure.
  13. I feel very angry today. Mother's day is tomorrow and my little niece is getting all excited to buy her mommy a present. She's too little to understand that her mommy has neglected her for her whole life and that's why we have been raising her
  14. Terrible. Having a rotten day at work and just want it to end so i can go home
  15. I feel like I need a new mask because the one I wear every day, with the fake smile, is starting to crack
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