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  1. Hey there forums, My name is Gary. I have extremely severe depression, I basically sleep as many hours of the day as possible and force myself to go to work and pretend im okay. One night three months ago I was heading into this nightmare spurred on by and infection that I thought would be permanent and end my life. The stress of that previous month slowly evolved into an agitated depression. I awoke that night shortly after new years with the most intense panic I've ever felt in my life, leaving the house and running down the street didn't stop the pain. I paced feverishly until it was light out. I had taken remeron 30mg for sleep, which usually works no matter what's in my head, but that night was different, and Im almost curious if the remeron may have caused the panic to be so overwhelmingly severe. In any case the first month consisted of intense agitation and anxiety like Ive never felt in my last 4 episodes of depression. The next two months the agitation calmed down unless of course I sit and do nothing trying to relax, then its still there. I've become intensely suicidal and think about it every minute of the day.. The intense psychological pain is bad, but what seems worse to me, and this is why im posting, is that I have an all day long headache in the back of my skull since this started. I have to constantly outstreach my jaw (could be tension, but I can feel it bounce around to different areas of my skull. This headache has been constant for three months now... sometimes severe and sometimes in the background, but always there. My question is has anyone experienced this before? I search the forums and can't find anyone talking about a non-remitting headache. Its constant torture and one of the main reasons for my suicidal thoughts. Has anyone else experienced this, and did it get better? Thank you very much in advance.
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