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  1. YouTube link 'Amazing Grace'; PM member for link.
  2. Hello bellrose, I am sorry to hear about how bad this depression is for you right now. Have you gotten outside and just take a walk to look around, get some fresh air? How about getting involved in doing a hobby that interests you? How about going to a park and walk around? Do you have a pet, a dog or cat...? Do you have a friend or family member who you can get out and go get a cup of coffee...with? Do you like to read or do puzzles? Do you enjoy baking for others? How about serving at the rescue mission or volunteer at a nearby school? Join a book club at the library. How about get involved in church or take a class of your interest at the local college?...Hang in there and try to get out and get some fresh air.
  3. Welcome Jamesmay, That is a hard spot to be in. I am glad you came to visit with others here and seek out help. If you can and have a chance, I would highly suggest to get some medical help too. I remember a time in my life that my mind was like that too! I could not focus, it felt empty. I had to make a decision. "I needed to take time to learn how to take control of my mind." I am a Christian so I believe in prayer. I started talking to God about how I hated how my mind always feels empty. How I could never focus. I needed to make a long term goal and short term goal. I thought for a long time of what I should do. I came up with mind control. I needed to learn how to focus my mind what was around me at the time . "What were my surrounding? who is around me? What is going on? How should I respond? ...I like music a lot, it lifts me up and encourages me. So, I decided to use a song that I knew really well and I would sing that to myself in my mind when I found that I could not focus and I would for God to help see me through this time as well. I spent years developing this. It was well worth it! I still have times when I need to focus my thoughts on that song and redirect my thoughts. I might excuse myself to the bathroom if I am with some friends or family, or if I am by myself I will take a break and go get a drink of water or something to eat and talk to God and ask him for help. I am now to the point where I do not feel so empty any more. I keep busy with helping others and volunteer in the community. My husband and I keep busy by doing things and we travel around going to see our kids and visit with friends. I hope this helps you!
  4. She writes, I'm sorry to hear how bad things have been for you lately. Yes, trying to get a hold of doctors/ counseling offices can sure be a hassle sometimes. You are not alone there. I am here to help you out along with others if you would like some one to listen or need encouragement or direction, we are here for you
  5. BeyondEmpty, Hello, I am sorry to hear of this awful storm of life that you have been in the middle of all these years. However there is hope. 1.) Almost all of this world spends our lives failing and we have to pick ourselves up and hopefully we learn from our mistakes and we move forward and do not look back. (F.irst A.ttempt I.n L.earning) (H. elp O.ur P. eople E.xcell). Through our storms and trials we learn how to build character. Compassion, empathy, love, joy listening skills, patience, kindness, goodness, grace and mercy, peace... Our emptiness in our lives can be filled up through Jesus Christ. He understands our emptiness, because he lived that life. He suffered and died for us that we may come to him on bended knee and ask Him for his forgiveness of our sins- for we all have fallen short of the glory of God. Let Him know that you need his love and that you believe in Him - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. That you want to be adopted into His family and know his loving kindness and peace. Thank God, for his love for you. - Amen. If you pray this prayer and really desire this is the best for your life, you will notice a new transformation of heart felt love and peace before you.
  6. I had a period of time where I felt like that too! It was tough, but I needed to get up and make myself put my clothes on and go outside for a walk or take my kids outside and watch them play. I was already on enough meds and seeing doctors. I did not need any more of either. I needed to get doing something. I started volunteering and helping other people. When I started helping others and getting outside and exercising, my mood started changing as did my attitude, self worth. Our kids started having their mom back. (The first step is making the choice everyday; "how am I going to choose to live this day?" Only you can choose to be an overcomer. I prayed a lot, I read the word of God and I found a good support team with my husband and friends to help encourage me along with my kids. This is always a day to day choice we have to make as we get out of bed every day!
  7. That feeling stinks, I have been there too! I remember when my husband would go to work and I just felt like a " Blah person." I had no motivation, felt like I had no purpose...I just laid around doing nothing. Our kids were just little toddlers at the time. They watched tv with me or they just got into things and I did not care. One day, I lifted my head up to see what the kids were doing and it dawned on me, '" what am I doing? I do not want my kids to raise themselves! What kind of mother am I? I hate the way I feel, I also cannot lay here feeling sorry for myself wasting my life away! I need to get a hold of myself and raise my kids up the way they should be!" I drug myself a long for another month or so, trying to get myself motivated. I was the only one who could change myself. I had three young children, "was that not purpose enough to get up and start living again?" I had to get my mind set straight first. So, instead of watching tv, I got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down what my desires were. Then, I wrote down the goals I wanted to achieve. Now, I was tired...I cannot turn on the tv! I need to do something, but what?! I decided to go outside and sit in the lawn chair and asked my kids to come outside and play while I watched them. I was proud of myself, I had not turned the tv on in the morning. The afternoons were the toughest, especially after lunch. I used the tv as a nap time tool for the kids to take their nap. Then the rest of the afternoon, I would get caught up on tv programs. Finally my husband had enough of my sulking around and got after me. He told me I need to start taking care of the kids and keeping up on the house work. Fortunately, my husband was a caring man then and wanted the best for our family. It was a slow process, but I learned to get out in the mornings and take the kids outside and we all went for a walk to the nearby park and we all played or we would take a walk around our neighborhood. I found that the more exercise I got the better I felt and more energy I had to do things and it even started making my mind feel more alive. I had more thoughts and ideas, more creative. I learned about having fun with our kids and I had the house cleaned up and dinner on the table when I husband came home from work. He eventually thought a new wife had moved in (Its a joke, haha!) I hope this helps you! Hang in there you can be an overcomer!
  8. Danielle 353, Keep praying! God is listening, sometimes we just don't get the answers we want, but he gives us the answers we need. 2nd: You need to get out of your house and go do something. Go for a walk, feed the duck, meet someone for a coke or coffee. Try volunteering and helping other people out. Do you have a pet; dog or cat, a bird...? There is an acronym that I use once in awhile when I feel I have no purpose; (HOPE). H-elp O-ther P-eople E-xcell. When we take time to make time to help others, we are actually helping ourselves to heal too!
  9. Good day AprilDawn10, I am proud of you, you took a big step by coming here and asking for help! Life does matter, you are valuable. Think about you you mean to your grand kids. They love their grandma! I have been battling brain damage since I was born. I understand where you are at. Take those grand kids of your and let them help you find the positive in your life. Take them and go find a way to help others in need. Volunteer your time- something fun- make some PB and J sandwiches in the park for someone who might be hungry. Serve a meal at the local rescue mission. Go help at your grand kids school and read stories or help out teachers in some way or the office. Take your grand kids and go visit the children's wing at the local hospital and bring them something fun to play with and come to visit them. Red Cross is always looking for volunteers. A church organization- get involved in a women's bible study with in the church. Get involved in a gym, a health program. Maybe you are a good teacher/ coach- you could coach a little league baseball team or give swimming lessons or teach kids how to crotchet. ...Remember, you have much to offer, you just need find that little spark to start the fire!... I am going to pray for you!
  10. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. 1-800-273-8255 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT You can #BeThe1To help someone in crisis. You don't have to be a mental health professional to help someone in your life that may be struggling. Learn the Lifeline's 5 steps that you can use to help a loved one that may be in crisis. LEARN MORE "I hope you will give this National Suicide Hotline a call or text them, they are trained professional who can help you make sense out of all this pain. I know that awful pain. I have been there before too! You need to give yourself a chance! You are special and a beautiful person. You deserve to live a fulfilled life. You are important!" I am going to pray for you!!
  11. I am so sorry for the hurt you are going through right now. I have had thoughts of depression and suicide before too. Let me tell you it is not worth it! If you have grown up in a Christian home, you have probably gone to church and heard all the Bible stories as a kid and have learned many,many great lessons from God's Word. You probably already know also that growing up in a Christian home does not make you a Christian either. You have find your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When you ask Jesus to come and live inside of you, to be your God and Father, only then will you find true and real love and peace in your life. As one of these wonderful people have already recommended to you, there is a phone # for a free counseling help. I have used them before too, they helped me and encouraged me also. Focus On The Family- (855-382-5433). I strongly encourage you to give them a call as well. I will be praying for you.
  12. Welcome AloneOnTheNile, I hope you find a warm caring welcome and people and friends here. We all want and desire to help you out. I came from a divorced family. My parents divorced when I was 15 years old. The one thing that I really appreciated about my parents is that they made an effort to remain friends for my sisters and my sake. That helped a lot. Second; The primary parent made sure to share all information with our dad. Our dad and mom, even though they did not agree on a lot of things, they made an effort to put their disagreements aside and figure out what was best for us kids. Focus On The Family has some really great resources on how to best deal with divorced families. I highly recommend taking a look around their site. FocusOnTheFamily.org
  13. Blurry, You are being too hard on yourself. Take it easy! Everything works out in it's own time. I know it is hard you want things to get back to normal as fast as it can. However, life does not work that way, as you well know. Take your smallest concern first and work on that. Once you have overcome that obstacle then take your next one and work on that one. It's okay, storms take time to work through. Realize it or not, " When we are at our weakest, we are at our strongest." I understand where you are at, I have been there too when I was a teen age kid. I struggled many, many years with what you are going through now. I am here to tell you there is hope. You can make it through this trial! I prayed and prayed and found positive people to put into my life who would help support and encourage me. Hold me accountable and keep me on track. "I made it, so can you!" 1.) You will never forget, but you can turn this into a teachable and learning moment 2.) you need to turn your hurt into faith and believe. I am a person who puts my faith and trust into God. (Doing this helped me overcome circumstances more peacefully and gave me back more hope.) 3.) Write down what is really bothersome, keep a journal of the good and the bad things of your life. Make a list of what helps you and what does not. Examine the list and see what kind of workable scenario you can come up with to help work through these hard times and how family and friends can help you out as well. 4.) Have one friend/ family member who will be dedicated and can help you out by being an encourager, support line, accountability partner. 5.) Set some short term goals and one long term goal. "Press forward to reach those goals, one by one." Do not look back, keep moving forward! 6.) Forgive yourself and forgive the people who have hurt you. You do NOT have to physically tell them. Just write it on a piece of paper and mean the words that you write down. After doing that then, you can burn the note or save it or throw it in the garbage. Do with it as it best suits you to find peace among yourself......Keep reaching forward towards the goal!
  14. Cornflakegirl, I am so happy to hear that you are going to check out volunteering! I know you are going to do great things and be able to help out others and yourself as well! Bless you!
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