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  1. @Tux Yeah. Sometimes worried about if it's that I'm scared of telling someone or saying it out loud, but thanks for the advice.
  2. @evalynn That's a great idea. The energy is definitely an issue, so the time limit is a good idea. Thank you!
  3. @StoniumFrog I don't think so. Plus, I have a major fear of driving and no easy public transportation. I think for now I'll stick here in this forum. I'm starting to like you people. You're all very kind and open.
  4. I was just wondering if anyone here had some good methods for getting things done. I've been falling behind in my work and writing due to my mental state, but I was just wondering if anyone had a thought method they go through to get tasks done. Sometimes a pile of laundry or a dishwasher full of clean dishes that need to be put away feel like the hardest battle, so I avoid them. I avoid writing for my book that I need to be working on. I avoid doing homework and watch my grades slip. I need to stop avoiding and find motivation. Any suggestions?
  5. @lonelyforeigner It's just hard to see if the struggle of finding someone to help or getting help is worth all of this. I have supportive friends, but even a couple of them suggest that I get professional help. It's just hard at this age to get help when everything goes through parents. I suppose getting help at a college where I'm further away from them is a good option. Thank you for the personal story. It's good to see how it worked out for you and to hear your thoughts on not missing out on things.
  6. @Tux A run-in with a school counselor just didn't go very well last time. It ended with a phone call to my parents (who then helped me get diagnosed with my thyroid condition and think I'm okay) and nothing after that. I'm just really good at denying things and wondering if through the school counselor is the only way to go and if I should try again with them.
  7. There's a really deep picture that someone made or something but it's of Albert Einstein in therapy. Without words, the picture shows that the people who think the deepest tend to find it hard to climb out of these thoughts. Ignorance is bliss as other comments say. I find myself jealous of those people. I find it difficult to let go of people's comments against me or family members also. It's best to have a little voice in your head to reassure yourself and know that their comments don't mean anything. They don't know you
  8. I'm 15 almost 16 and haven't felt... right in about 3 years. Maybe 4. I just don't remember ever being okay honestly. I tried to get help last year and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which can cause depression. With my thyroid fixed, my family thinks I'm completely okay, and they've always had a stigma about mental illness. I'm just wondering how anyone out here ever brought up the topic to people who love them to get help. I'm destroying relationships with friends and family and need help.
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