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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I just want to be happy and settled where I am. over the past few years I have became more cold but I think this means I am pushing more people away. I do believe I would be better off living on my own. I lived away at University and I was happy for a while living with my friends but ended up withdrawing from my course for other reasons. Now its not feasible for me at the moment as I'm currently out of work, hopefully once I get some money saved up I plan to move into my own place.
  2. Hi, Throughout my whole life since being a child I've never been happy with who I'm living with, I had a turbulent relationship with my mother and ended up moving out when I was 13. I'e bounced between family members and even been in a foster type system and always found a reason why I don't want to live there any more and I usually end up blaming others for me leaving. Yet the more places I live I realise it's me whose the problem I'm just never happy. I can' maintain a healthy relationship with anyone in my family. I just don't understand why I'm like this.
  3. Hi Benjamin, have you experienced any short term side effects at all? Thanks
  4. Hi all, today I was just prescribed citalopram, I am very wary of medication as I have tried different one and they all seem to make me worse, but once again I have aimed to tie it another shot. I went to get the prescription and they haven't put the leaflet explaining side effects etc.. I was wondering if anyone wants to share with me the different things you've experienced on the medication as I like to be well informed on what I could be getting in to as the meds in the past have made me severely suicidal. thanks in advance, ac
  5. Hi all, everything seems to be going great for me at the minute and I don't even know why I'm still feeling rubbish, it's my even that I'm suicidal really anymore I'm just bored. I have cut out most of the bad people from my life, including my parents, and I have distanced myself from my brothers who were initially massive parts of my life but began being a gateway for substance abuse for me and I didn't want to end up ****ing my life up no matter how rubbish I felt. I am left with a quite supportive family, and I live somewhere where I get support now, I go out and see people and have a part time job that I started this week, I am expected go uni in September to a pretty great place to study, all this great stuff going on but it still isn't filling to void of loneliness and boredom. I don't know what this can be to do so with, I feel like there is no excitement in my life, once I finished school in May one of my best friends cut me out of her life and now my group has sort of dissolved, i know this could be one of the reasons for this but it's so minor compared to everything else that's going on for me. I just constantly feel like I want more and I don't know how to achieve that thanks, sorry for rambling on but I need to vent, ac
  6. Hi all, i dont know know how to start this off so I'm just going to dive right in... I think I might have borderline personality disorder, I've been treated for anxiety and depression for years now and I have recently after some research come o the conclusion it might be more than that, I have actually been told by someone who has been diagnosed with BPD that they think I have it. I am strongly against self diagnosis as it quite frankly p**ses me off! I don't want to suggest it to my psychiatrist until I know it's not just me being a hypercondriac (not too sure on the spelling), I obviously don't want to be diagnosed with something I don't have and put on meds I don't need. But let's start off by giving you an idea on what I mean... both my parents have a history of personality disorders. Regarding BPD I have done lots of test it agrees with my theories, I have had very rocky relationships with anyone I become close with, I push people away and easily get into arguments as well as becoming attached to people easily and become paranoid over simple things believing people hate me if they don't put something like a 'X' on the end off messages. I get aggressive and irritated quite easily, I can go through really depressive times, I am also also 'diagnosed' with chronic suicidal ideation, I am extremely impulsive mainly with risk taking behaviours (it doesn't help that some people I am around enable me but I can't blame others). Sometimes I look in the mirror and see myself as quite alright looking but then other times I can barely look in the mirror and hate what I see. The last thing I'm going to mention is I'm unstable when making life changing / career driven decisions, I'm at a point in my life where it crucial deciding what I want to do and I literally ca do something as simple as watching a tv show Ann's I'll have changed my mind o how I want my career to go. sorry this was abit long winded but I didn't know how to word it descriptively enough. thanks.
  7. hi Epictetus, thanks for your reply! It seems we are both on the same page here, I get the obnoxious feeling also. It helps me put my mind at rest a little bit that other people experience this sort of feeling. It probably will continue to worry me however I need to get it better under control or else I'm going to take myself off my tablets once again and I don't know whether that will be ideal for me at the minute. once again thanks for your reply.. -AC
  8. hi all, so I've been meaning to find out more about this for a while now, so... I recently started on fluoxitine and before that i was on sertraline and I had the same sort of problem. I'm feeling great on the new tablets and I might be being ridiculous but the only problem I have with them is that I feel like my anxiety's fully disappearing which is great however now I feel like I am over sharing and such because i don't have that barrier of anxiety which is protecting me. for example I used to be a very closed and quite introverted person which I must admit I still am however the barrier seems to be disappearing, for example today i told my friends about my depression which fair enough they probably already know but today I said it in such a blatant way, ive also told them stuff that I wouldn't usually like private stuff like about my dad being an alcoholic which I never would've dreamed of before I started the medication! I feel I might be starting to creep them out and was wondering if anyone else has the same sort of issues or if this is a common thing. of course I'm happy my anxiety is going away I just feel I need a little bit of anxiety as a comfort blanket, ive tried talking to my mental health nurse but it seems she doesn't understand it, like I really dont want to become extroverted. thanks, I look forward to reading any replies... AC
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