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    Having intrusive thoughts

    Hey zzzsleepyzzz, I appreciate the encouragement. I'll be starting counseling on Monday, and the anxiety I felt before coming to work today was slightly less than yesterday. I guess we all just want some peace of mind. I'm so scared of everything right now. Trying to remain optimistic, but being depressed makes it so hard. Congratulations on applying to school! I hope it works out well for you, and gives you the boost you need.
  2. I started Paxil again after having been off of it for 3 years. The last time I took it, I seemed to feel better within 2 weeks. My main reason for taking in the last time was anxiety. I have slumped into a clinical depression accompanied by anxiety over the past month, and began taking Paxil again. I'm on my 8th day. I am still having trouble eating and sleeping. I lost 10 lbs in the past week. The depression and intrusive thoughts are scaring me, and I'm concerned about being a burden on my family. I also can't stop thinking about what kind of a tail spin I would go on if I lost a loved one. I just feel totally unhinged, and worthless right now. I don't know how you brave souls go through this while trying to take care of kids! I can barley take care of my dog and myself right now. I'm going to give the Paxil time, just feeling so down.